DRIFT. By: Nuel.

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Each day, I’m amazed at how the simplest things of life becomes so hard an equation to understand. I’m always filled with questions as to how possible it is for a tiny eight letter word such as ‘FEMINISM’, turns some people- educated people into vicious beings always ready to attack; throwing all logic and understanding away at the slight mention of this word. I’ll like to move away from the normal ideology of some individuals that not every lady TRULY understands what feminism stands for. Let’s drift, shall we? The men, the Kings, saddled with most responsibilities by default or by societal values. Let’s gauged the extent to which both our actions and in actions have also influenced the meaning of this nomenclature. I could end up stepping on toes, but it’s been long overdue.

It’s a sad truth that a major problem behind the crippling and not-so-pure understanding of the true cause of feminism; true equality, is due to the attitude of some of us, Kings. It’s quite understandable being born into a world where the “culture” rules, we tend to try abiding true and through to this so called culture and become blind to the damage it might be doing to us. “You’ve got to respect the culture bro”, even when this culture makes you look less human? “You’ve got to respect the culture bro”. What exactly then is this Feminism and how do we Kings contradict its true meaning?

The 8th edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines “Feminism” as the advocacy of women’s right on the ground of equality of the sexes. The issue of rights for women did not just begin recently, history has it that it became prominent during the French and American revolutions in late 18th century, with a ‘second and third wave’ in the 1960s and 1990s respectively. In simple terms, true feminism has always advocated equality, not equality in the sense of might or squaring up but equality with the main aim of not belittling or confining a particular gender to a selectively stereotype. Despite all these facts, sadly, some kings see it as a threat as some would call it to their “bible-given” birthright which has become the favorite verse and defense line to those who cannot even read, “Wife, submit thyself to thy husband, he is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church” but these same defenders all of a sudden become oblivious by choice to the next verse that says “Husbands, love your wife, even as Christ loves the church…” Taking things out of context just to favor oneself isn’t good enough, let the truth, be the truth.

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Prior to this release, I’ve been with a lot of ‘friends’ who to my dismay are full blown misogynist (they don’t see it that way); hating and frowning at anyone feminine who is successful or out there making the world see the light (according to them, anything outside the confines of the home…or the other room) and they air their twisted views with much pride and reckless abandon. Some would even say “My wife must respect me, what’s that!?, I paid her dowry so she must do as I command {well-done, camp commandant}, she can only talk when I want her to, I’m the captain, I’m in charge…. I like my women seen, not heard” lol. At this juncture, I’ll like to reiterate, there is a tiny gap between love and mutual respect, that gap is where mental slavery resides. If in the 21st century, you still hold and believe in these ideals, without mincing words, I’ll put it to you that you’re a slave of your own self. You need to break free.

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We all could live in a world where there is mutual respect, love- true love for everyone, a world where I don’t need to be favored because I’m seen as the strong one or I do not need to be deprived because I’ve been stereotyped and placed in a virtual class seen as the weaker vessels. The ideals behind TRUE feminism is simply threading the same path on which the fight against racism has and is still threading. Life in itself is beautiful and peaceful when there’s understanding. You have a choice to make; see the light and follow it, or remain in the limbo of darkness.

The Revolution has begun, with or without you.

Peace and Light,


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