“Don’t go into a business because you feel there is a lot of money in such  business else that will be the beginning of the downfall of that business”. Bolanle Oladunni, CEO of GG-Touch Makeup Artistry.


Who do we have here?
I am Omobolanle Oladunni a 400 level student of the Department of Business Administration in Bowen University.

Can you tell us about yourself?
I am the last child among four children. I have my dad, mum, two sisters, a brother and my humble self. I’ll love to make a shout out to them; I couldn’t have asked God for a better family because they’ve been everything to me. I am a student and makeup artist.

What is your brand name?
It’s GG-Touch Makeup Artistry.

What does GG-Touch mean?
Previously I was using Bolisco makeover as my brand name but I had to change it because I felt it wasn’t professional enough so I changed my name to GG-Touch. However, before I settled for a name I also used G-Touch but when I discovered that someone else was using the name I had to find something else that would be unique and differentiate me from my other colleagues in the business. So presently I am GG-Touch and it means Glamour Glitters Touch.

For how long have you been into the makeup business?
I started my business about 3 years ago and I can say it has been a journey of self-improvement.

Did you learn makeup on a professional basis or its just a talent you decided to work on?
When I was much younger I loved to watch my elder sisters do their makeup and how they always look good. I just couldn’t help myself because I wanted to know how to draw my eyebrows and be fashionable so when I got to 100 level in Bowen University I began to develop my skills, I just wanted to be good at doing make up. Then I began to practice and test my makeup skills on my roommate’s face. They always made themselves available whenever I needed them; shout out to them. It got to a point when one of them told said, “Ahaha Bola, you are a makeup artist and you have only one puff”. To her it was a joke a she was only pulling my legs, but to me I was ashamed and that pushed me to expand my horizon. I didn’t learn make up on a professional basis in fact I couldn’t let from social media because I didn’t have a functional phone so all I could do was practise whatever nice make up picture I could lay my hands on. I made a lot of mistakes when I started but I didn’t stop practising.

What were the basic things you needed when you started your makeup business?
As a beginner I needed a whole lot of things and I knew I couldn’t get it all at once but I had to start from somewhere. Previously, when I see other people in this business it makes me sad that I haven’t gotten anywhere. I didn’t even have half of what was inside their makeup boxes, in fact I had just one puff. It was more of a motivation for me to get more things. I needed a makeup kit, brushes, powder puff, brush sets, powder palette and a lot more. However my parents were always there for me, there have been very encouraging even when I ask them for money. They gave me ₦20 000 to start up my business although I didn’t tell them what I wanted to use the money for.
I used the money to get a makeup box; then it was ₦7500, I also both other things I needed. Things were quite cheap so ₦20 000 could get me a whole lot of things.

On an estimate, how long to you spend to complete a full face makeup?
When I started I could spend over 2 hour trying to perfect the makeup on a client but now I spend about 1 hour and not more than 1 hour 30 minutes.

What is your scope of business?
I am into gele tying, fixing nails, I even make hair as well but for now I am only particular about the makeup aspect. I am a student and I have to take things a step at a time so that my academics and business does not suffer in anyway.

What motivated you to start your business?
First of all I’ll love to make a shout out to Adefalujo Aderonke a.k.a. the Real Ronke Fella. She use to be my mentor; her makeup works use to inspire me. In fact I’ll begin to practise and replicate her works on my roommate’s face. Another thing that motivated me were the words of my roommate who joked about me having only one puff. I said in my mind that no way this cannot be my story so I had to keep improving myself.

How do you combine your business with your academics?
All I can say is that it’s been by God’s grace all the way. 

Can you tell us your experience at the Canoe Makeup Challenge?
The Canoe makeup challenge was done when I was in 200 level. Shout out to Assumpta and Amarachi. Assumpta was the force behind me going into the competition; I was actually not interested in going into the competition because I have never done any such competition in my life. She encouraged me to give it a try, she said, “you can do this you know”. I appreciate her a lot. So I went into the competition and used Amarachi as my model. I did a very simple makeup concept and used just a digital camera without light while others were using professional cameras, bright lightening and elaborate makeup concepts. I had even given up that I could not win this but to my greatest surprise and all thanks to my Bowen family for voting for me. I emerged as the winner among the top three contestant.

What were the benefits you got from that experience?
The Canoe Makeup Challenge enlightened me a lot; I was given a large makeup box courtesy of Canoe Company. I really value that gift because if they had given me money I’ll probably have spent it and not have used it for the right purpose. The big box was filled up with different makeup materials and till this day I value the size of this box because it makes me want to get more materials each time to fill it up so that it doesn’t begin to look scanty; it has made me grow in my business.

How do you handle complaining customers?
Actually I haven’t had any experience with complaining customers. Most times when I do a makeup for a customer they fall in love with it and if they want any adjustment I give it to them because customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim.

If you were not into makeup what other entrepreneurial job would you have gotten into?
If I wasn’t doing makeup I would have still done makeup. There is no two ways about it because it comes with a passion.

What are your future plans for GG-Touch Makeup Artistry?
GG-Touch has a lot to achieve. It is a brand that has come to stay. I plan to continue developing myself and expand my business after my University education.

Do you have the intention of being a full makeup artist in future or you want to go for a paid job?
Makeup is my passion; in fact it is my career so yes I plan to be a full-time makeup artist.

Can you rate your gains from this business as encouraging?
Yes it is actually very encouraging. Another thing I want you to know is that whenever you get money from your entrepreneurial job don’t just spend it on unnecessary things. Instead use it to improve and expand your business, buy new materials you need and learn more. Don’t go into a business because you feel there is a lot of money in such  business else that will be the beginning of the downfall of that business.

What words of encouragement do you have for young people who are still finding it hard to make up their mind to start something?

First you have to pray; ask God for what you desire, let him lead you and be ready to follow him. Second, you have to follow your heart; don’t do things for the fame it will bring or for money, instead do things because you have the passion.

Thanks for joining us on StacySpeaksBlog.
You welcome and thanks for having me on your blog I had fun talking with you.

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