#WeAreNigerianCreatives: DO NOT PIXELATE 2. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.


The portrait has finally been completed. I feel I can now breathe, after weeks of detailing and strained eyes to achieve a dual portrait (one containing two subjects in it). This time it was a portrait of a family friend. Mummy Sotade had been one of those who encouraged me into embracing my artistic gift a year ago. I still remember after church service, she had said, you have a rare gift, why not embrace it. You see, in life sometimes it isn’t all about money before you sow a seed into the life of a person. A seed of believe and positive words is just what that person needs.

I had drawn Daddy and Mummy Sotade and was about taking it for framing when it struck me that I needed to make this special. Without thinking, I began creating dotted patterns (a risk that could have soiled my portrait because I was using penned paint which was permanent). But one thing I’ve learnt from great men is that, nothing tried nothing learnt. Next I felt the necklace needed more life, so I picked a golden inked pen and also began to paint the necklace. To my amazement my art-piece became alive. You needed to see the smile on my face.

Dear reader, this principles are applicable to our lives. You don’t need to be perfect to become great, you need to try the new things, build your mind and be focus. You need the right people around you,remember you are the average of top five people you associate with. 

Finally. Expand the scope of your imagination, seek wisdom and above all, be everything you imagine, because life in itself is already complicated, don’t make it more complicated by not following your dream.
Art and article by Fiwajomi Tomiwa. 

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