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My love for God kept growing. I was learning new things, having cool Christian friends. Although I wasn’t very sure of what I wanted I just kept doing what I felt was right. I had so many people trying to influence me; the GOOD, BAD & UGLY. I didn’t care, I just wanted to make sure whatever I did made me happy.

One fateful day when mum and dad left me with my male cousin at home, I was so happy because he’s a very good person and buys me a lot of things. Immediately mum and dad returned they woke me up and took me to their room as they started asking me several questions that I never expected.

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They tried finding out if my cousin abused me sexually… I was so disappointed and cried so much. They made me swear with my bible that nothing happened between us. From that day I started having a feel of negativity within me. Things had changed for me!

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