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I loved watching ××× at a very young age. I joined my family friends / cousins while watching them. I like what I saw so I got very eager to have a phone.
I use to love taking supreme ice cream and chicken. Daddy would take me and mum anywhere we wanted. The church was our second home as dad and mum are believers.

I loved to sing and play with babies as little as I was. Mum had to get me several teddy bears to keep me company. Mum usually dropped me at a family friends house on weekends. This family had grown up male kids…
They always liked to be with me because I always had funny gist to share. On one fateful Saturday, while I was at their place, I was feeling tired  and decided to sleep.

I was fast asleep when I felt something move on me like an insect. I opened my eyes, lo and behold, it was one of the sons lying with me, who already made me half naked. At first I gave in; letting him suck my little boobs and cuddle me. He was trying to finger me and then I remembered the words of my mother. “Your virginity is your pride”. I stopped him immediately even while I wished he could go on and make me feel……
He told me to stop acting like a child, that he could make me happy.
I started crying and told him to let me be.

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When he left the room, I went to the bathroom to clean up and rushed to Bamidele. He was one of the sons but my very good friend…
Bamidele advised me to be calm and not say anything about it to anyone.
I wasn’t myself for about 2 weeks…

Parents please watch who you leave your children with. Make yourself approachable so that your children can walk up to you and tell you what happens to them when you are not around. The story continues…

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