DIARY OF A KEBBI CORPER. Episode 6: A Solitary Christmas. By: StacySpeaks.

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It was all fun and games after my folks convinced me to attend my convocation in November 2018; with the Ted talks that, “you know convocation only happens once in a lifetime except you’ll be going for a second degree; you can’t afford to miss it. In fact, the truth is that after that day you won’t see many of your friends and mates again”.
I weighed my options, considered sitting in a tight vehicle for 14 hours, likely to forfeit spending Christmas with my family which initially sounded like a joke to me until now.

My convocation gown looked good on me

My not more than 11 days at home was the definition of, ‘enjoy yourself while it lasts’. I visited everyone within my reach because I was bracing up for a Christmas without them but it still hurts that I was unable to visit my dad because I just couldn’t bear an extra 5 hours on the road to get to him.
All along I had been praying for strength and a change of heart, hoping for the will to embark on another 14 hours trip to celebrate Christmas with my family the usual way but my mind remains fixed on not hitting that road from Kebbi to Ibadan for the 7th time this year.

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The journey makes me look old and worn out.

They told me but I refused to see things the way they did. They told me that I will be bored, lonely, very bored and very lonely but I didn’t want to see my solitary Christmas as ugly as they made it look. I plan to make the best use of everyday; I’ll work towards rounding off my online courses and other uncompleted projects before entering into the new year. I’ll eat well, sleep when I have to, watch movies as I chew some peanuts since I can’t get popcorn around, I’ll love every moment as it comes and just be happy.

I’m all out to be happy!

My roommate has already started her holiday and it’s the fourth day of my journey towards a solitary Christmas. I promise you that I’ll be happy. Credit alerts from my bank account will really be an energy giving food for me at times like this but please it would hurt my soul if all I get this season is a couple of Christmas trees sent to me via social media.

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