Since I have survived my first week in Zuru successfully I think it’s high time I told you about my experience. A mixture of sweet, ugly and manageable, it was. I left Ibadan to Government Science College, Zuru with a lifted spirit and open mind as I embarked on my 13 hour journey through mud houses, rivers, bridges, bushes and bad roads.

I had made up my mind to accept whatever came my way that couldn’t be changed. I was worried since the scheme did not pay us for the month of August so I tried to raise as much money as I could to pay my bills and have a descent room to lay my head. All other Corps members had resumed in anticipation of our first NYSC monthly clearance; my new roommate had already started putting the room in a good shape just how I like it. Nets were fixed by the iron windows and door as I was not ready to be feasted on by giant mosquitoes.
Friendship is an important ingredient that keeps me going these days, being with people who share in your joys, fears, pains, jokes, business and yes food; four of us ate from the same plate of food like it is done in my village. Ofure my roommate made me eat Eba as breakfast for the first time in my life and I was super excited about it and had to take a picture of it because I was getting the new experience I craved for. Each of us had a role to play in making the rest of us forget how ugly being here was, Ahmad is Hausa so he automatically became our ‘Google Translator’; communicating with those who only understood Hausa became less of a problem with him around.

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Ahmad and I

Over here I really don’t need further exercise or a gym because our method of fetching water is already helping me burn calories and build muscles that I didn’t ask for. The way the young children pump the water with so much ease and seemed fun to them but it is a different story when I have to pump with all my might before a drop of water comes out. For the record, the water is crystal clear.

There are lots of animals over here; having dogs, goats, ducks, turkey, chicken, cows around makes me feel like I live in a farm house.

Turkeys on a Tour

Thursdays are for Community Development Service (CDS) and corpers in the town flood the ATM in an attempt to withdraw whatever money they need for the week because the town has just two banks.

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At the ATM

Since Zuru town has not had electricity supply for the past three months, staying in the dark without power supply has become a normal way of life.

Written by: StacySpeaks 2018.

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