Diary of a boss lady was inspired through a post by Kemi Adetiba which she tagged “Kingwoman” on instagram. She wanted folks to express what it meant to be a ‘kingwoman’ so I began to check out friends pictures on instagram that could express my imagination. I saw that a friend had uploaded a picture she took with her child and that was it. That was how I got my idea. Having been raised by a single mother, I had found every reason to appreciate every mother who is not afraid to openly show her love for her children and are willing to go an extra mile to make them happy.


Shine Shine Bobo depicts a typical African man. The model used is our very own comedian Laffup, who i met while shooting an event. He was the M.C and trust me, when i got home and my mum saw his picture, she was like, “this guy is handsome and ladies will flock around him…”censored..lol. Her statement got my imaginations active and my fingers moving. Then I was able to create a portrait of Shine Shine Bobo

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One thing art has taught me is, nothing beautiful comes in a haste. Time, patience and having a focus in life is what makes success. There’s nothing impossible in life, it’s just the lack of will and inner discovery that has made us live below our capacity. I started portrait art in February this year while trying to have a sense of purpose, I look forward to my art  exhibition next year.

This is an original creative work of Fiwajomi Cupid Tomiwa (2017).

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