#Depression: Does Mental Health Really Exist? By: Koreey.


What’s with the stigma? Well… let’s get into that shall we? Why cant I mention the following things in yorubaland; depression, anxiety etc, without the words “God forbid” or the statement “Don’t say that jorh, go and pray about it; you’re fine” thrown back at me?😰😰😰

Please ehn, who woke up and decided that Mental health is an imaginary problem? And why is the only reasonable solution prayer and not actual MEDICAL attention.

Before you attack me (calm yourself jeez haven’t landed yet), I’m not saying prayer does not work, God is in control of all our lives, so it’s fitting we go to him for guidance but prayer with no action is like putting all the ingredients for stew in a pot and expecting it to magically cook itself without turning on the stove. (you get my point now?) Do you now get why this drives me crazy? No? Gimme a sec, trust me you will.

Now let’s make up a scenario, I have let’s say… depression based on whatever issue (let’s say loss of a loved one) and then you tell me to pray about it and leave it all to God. UMMM I’m sorry but are you listening to yourself??

Maybe it’s just because I’m an impatient person but how will anything change without my active effort to change it? Also the doctors that we are all denying the right to do their jobs, isn’t it the same God that gave them the understanding of this issue in the first place? (I got you there didn’t I?) See why this drives me mad? You have someone spiraling deeper and deeper into their depression and then you take them to church for deliverance, ummmmm uncle/aunty is all well? DId they tell you it was their village people that caused the depression ni? Please, please and please get the person to a QUALIFIED DOCTOR as well. I’m not saying prayer doesn’t work but which one is hang the whole problem on God again?

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And speaking of village people doing someone, what is the big deal with that masef? Ha’an what is it? That’s like the go to excuse when things are going wrong. Please is it every single person in every single village that has beef with the rest of their people? Because I don’t grab oh! Then you’ll now start running to the church to ask your pastor to help you cast and bind the witches and wizards of your village. First off, have you meet any of these so called witches and wizards? If you have, tell him/her that I would love to meet them and pick their brain. And also, why do you assume they even care about you at all??? I mean I would assume if you don’t live in said village then you are not a direct threat to them abi? Yet they are doing you abi? WEHDONE SIR/MA.
Ehen I just remembered this, if its not your village people causing your mood, it’s the devil that is doing you. I’ve heard this excuse so many times that I feel like we owe him an apology at this point. Yes technically all evil and temptation are of him but ha’an which is blame him for everything again? Don’t you think he has his hands pretty full at the moment? (Just saying) 😕😕😕
Anyway, mental health, it’s real and here’s a shocker it’s actually fixed by going through therapy and taking active steps towards fixing your mindset.

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So please I beg of you, if you meet or know anyone that has a mental health issue advice them to seek help from a doctor. But if they are a kleptomaniac (I might just jump on the prayer and lock them in the house band wagon, don’t judge me). Well… my culture isn’t gonna explain itself to me, now is it? Talk to you later.

Written by: Koreey

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