Dear breaking soul,

       Believe me when I say I know how you feel, cause I’ve been there; if not in the exact shoes as you, the same brand, but just a different size.

I understand that you’re hurting and every morning you wake up, you just can’t wait till the end of the day so that you could retire to your bed and for a while, escape the troubles of this world.
I know sometimes, you want to leave everything and travel far away to where you feel things would work for you; even though you doubt anything ever would. I know you feel the whole world is a force against your small world.
I know you’ve cracked and you are at the point of breaking, and despite that, you try to hide your tears behind your smile so that you could give hope to people who aren’t even half as dejected as you. I understand how much you want others to be happy, not for the accolades you’d get, but because you know what dangers come with being despondent. I know it hurts you that despite how much you try to make people happy and save them, no one notices that you need saving yourself.

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I know you’re breaking but they think you’re whole. I know you’re sad, but they think you’re the happiest person alive and I know you want to be healed, but they all see you as the healer.
Dear breaking soul, don’t give up on the good things you’re doing; keep laughing, even though it might be the hardest thing to do. Don’t stop loving, even though your heart has been broken. Keep smiling, even when all you get is the uncontrollable urge to cry and keep dancing, even if you’re doing so, off the beat.
Dear beautiful heart, the world needs you. Things might seem rough now and the road to genuine happiness might be a dark, long one but with your continued beauty, happiness shall be attained. The time would come when you’d laugh without having to force it, when you’ll be loved as much as you love and when the world would finally feel like your home.

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Dear breaking soul, I want you to know that you are not alone, so, promise me never to give up. The time is near; peace, joy and happiness would come – to stay, and never leave.

                                      Your kind.

Koyum Kolade Afolabi. (2017).
KK Awesome.

Photos from Google Chrome.

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