For the longest time, I lived my life for people. I took every step only after confirming it was okay with the next person. I sought the help and favour of all and sundry, desperately. I gave up all my oxygen for people that could breath. But one day, my story changed and I think yours should too. You want to be a model? Model for yourself. You want to be a writer? Then write, my darling. You’re passionate about singing? Then grab the Mic and do you!

Something about you is just not normal? Then dare to be different.

You like to blog, vlog, paint and do sports? Then do these things for your darn self!

Whatever you want to do, do it now! Because when you eventually die, would there be anyone, born of man, willing to lay his life down to die with you? I think not, boo! Someone treats you like less of a person, then put them right where they belong; in the garbage. Someone criticizes your every move? Tell them to shove their judgements up their hate filled, super smelly ass!

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Don’t live your life for someone else, it’s called ‘yours’ for a reason. Don’t offer free services to people that need you just for these services. If they can’t pay, then good riddance to them! Don’t live your entire life fighting ‘ijakadi‘ when you were destined to be a Mayweather. Don’t downplay yourself for shit! Don’t desperately beg for anyone’s help!

Do all you do, for yourself, by yourself so no one can say they gave you shit! In the end, only a few people actually care about you, do well to make them proud. You’re the shit, boo! The world is not ready for you, darling. Your success story is going to be so sweet;

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it’ll give your enemies ‘jedi jedi’. Do you and the world would conform? If they don’t, screw them!

This write up is written by Feezah 2017.

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