Victims of Offa killing, definitely its a bad loss to your family and to Nigeria, because we never pray or wish to lose people close to us; it is certain that we will die one day without an idea of what will lead to our death but remember that to live in hearts you leave behind is not to die.

    It is unfortunate that the killed and injured people left their homes in the morning with the hope to return after the day’s search for their basic needs; their families have now met their unprecedented death. Evidently, the breadwinner of some families no longer exists as they have been carted away by the stranger called death. We can only pray and maybe hope that God fights for them and gives them the enablement to overcome their pain.  

    This event simply shows us that Nigerians are not safe, I repeat, we are not safe in our own fatherland; so where in the world can we find refugee? The nice policemen were killed while trying to salvage the situation while the real Nigerian police who claims to be your friend was nowhere to be found. The bandits are cruel, heartless, lives don’t matter to them, they are obsessed with bloodshed and have absolutely nothing to lose. They murder innocent people who know nothing about their misfortune and miserable life and exonerate the real cause of their predicament. Why can’t they go after the Government who has failed to provide more jobs, who seat in their offices and loot public funds while their wives seat at home in the magnificent fattening room they have built with our money. How is it that the bandits raided an area for an hour and half and no security agency could come to their rescue? Whereas, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) can’t stand before these thieves but can chase after youths who try to earn a living. I think that’s why they are called ‘special’ because their case is different.
   The Government has failed us in ways we can’t even express. Security is a major challenge in the country already; argue it with your local police station officers. Rewind to few months ago when Nigerians clamoured for operation END-SARS on social media because they felt that the aim of establishing the unit has been defeated. It seems like everyone in the country is asleep. Is it so difficult or impossible for the Government to locate these armed robbers? We all heard about our dear brother, Mr Evans the notorious kidnapper who is now nowhere to be found after escaping from the police. I don’t even understand the things I hear or see in this country. We no longer want you to apprehend suspects, we want the culprits to be brought to book, jailed and killed. Do not have mercy on them because they never had mercy on us.

We need to pray. We have so many churches and mosques in the country but we are not seeing their impact yet. We can only pray and hope that God intervenes in the Nigerians affairs. Dear victims, your memories, laughter, and sweetness lives on in our heart. We pray God forgives you all your misdeeds and you are in a better place right now.
©Abioye Abdullah
A concerned Nigerian.

Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.


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