Ayo took me to meet her mum,
I met her playing the famous Yoruba game Ayo Olopon,

I stared at the wonderfully crafted wooden stool she sat upon,
Then like an interviewee competing for a treasured job position,
I answered her questions,
‘How did it begin?’….
I started out as the sprinter,

The one who had the stop watch as his only meter.
I did seconds and moments over fifty,
a hundred or maybe even two hundred metres.
Then I met her, I expected what I felt to wear off,
But no It took hours,
Then days, then weeks, I still couldn’t become her’s.
I went after her with  lung-bursting speed like a cheetah,
I thought ‘ If she becomes mine, I sure wouldn’t be able to cheat on her’.
The weeks became months , the months became years ,
Until  she finally said the word, It spelt Y-E-S and read ‘Yes’.

Just at that moment, My eyes burst open as her mum asked ‘who are you?’
I smiled, sat up and said ‘Ma, for your daughter….I am the sprinter who went the distance’

This piece is written by Tope Oriowo. He is a sprinter and sports lover. Photocredit: Google chrome.

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