Growing up in a gender bias community has a lot of influence and effects on a child’s physical and mental growth. As the child grows up his or her attitude towards life brings up questions that needs to be traced back to the child’s home and upbringing.

Many couples who were all ‘lovey doveybefore marriage become strangers to each other as a result of their child’s gender when the wife puts to bed. Due to how our society has made us see a certain gender as more important than the other we hear questions like, ‘which would you prefer as your first child, a male or female?
Since I love snacking, I went to buy some snacks at my usual store that day where I saw this young girl who was left all by herself to attend to customers in her mother’s store.

Her mother had taken her two brothers to school while the girl stayed back at the store. I was quite curious so I asked, “Why aren’t you in school with your brothers? She responded in her not well constructed grammar; what I could understand was that, she was sent out of school 2 weeks ago because her school fees were not paid and her father says he can only afford to keep her brothers in school.
Was that enough reason to deprive a child of education? What baffles me till now is that the mother is cool with seeing her child sell goods in her store. I am forced to ask if the labour pains felt while delivering boys is different from what is felt when giving birth to girls. Or is it that there is a natural rule that states that boys will be more successful than girls?

Why do mothers allow this myth to prevail in their homes? Those girls later become mothers and the ideology continues from one generation to the next.
Let’s look critically into the issue. Parents and families shouldn’t just be blamed but the society at large should be held responsible for this societal menace. You hear that a woman just gives birth and you visit her, this is the first question you ask, “Is it a boy or a girl?” If it’s a female child you hear things like, ‘ah, may she be blessed with a good husband, may she be fruitful’. However if it is a male child they begin to call him Junior, saying, ‘congratulations o! This child will carry his fathers name’. Please, doesn’t the female child carry her fathers name? Even after marriage it is her choice to continue bearing her father’s name alone with that of her husband. If a couple does not bear male children, does the household vanish from existence? Or does it disappear from the earth surface? I need answers.

This issue has led to the rise of feminists in our society. Our generation is gradually getting things right and women are becoming relevant around the world but we shouldn’t sleep on it, there’s more work to be done.
Whatever the gender of a child is, accept it as a gift from God; treasure and nurture them with all your mighty. Male or female, we are all humans and equal before our creator. Besides, God created Adam and Eve to work, love and help each other, not Adam and Sam. That sends a message to us all.

Written by: Binta.

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