Really, I am so disappointed.

Although she is a little girl and has so many elder sibling👪, that does not mean she should disregard them. No matter how much a parent loves their child💏, they don’t have to watch them rot like a basket of tomatoes left in the market square for days.

You are not yet an elder sibling when you are restricted and unable to reprimand an erring younger sister.

What has this generation turned us into? Families groom children with no values, morals and common sense. Parents here and there stand on their personal belief that says, “Ye shall say unto your generation that they will not encountereth the suffering of thy youth”. My version ooo not found in any holybook.🙆

Technology and modernization is the order of the day. The child controls the parents feelings just like a robot. Even the bible says we should spare the rod and spoil the child, but these days we spare the child.

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On that fateful evening, their dad went to wash his hand in the bathroom and saw that the new hand wash had been diluted and half of it wasted. As usual he asked, ‘Who did it’, and the house baby whispered in a calm voice, ‘I did it’. Before I knew what was happening, he did not correct the child nor make her know that she had done something wrong. Instead, he faced her elder sister and blamed her, saying, “Since you could not use your common sense to know that you are suppose to dilute the hand wash, your sister has used her initiative to do that”😱😱😱.

All this was said to the elder sister right in the presence of the house baby without reprimanding her for also doing wrong.

Now tell me, with this, do you expect the child to accord respect to her sister and not do such again? I doubt it😟😟😟, her parents have given her so much confidence to do wrong and behave indiscipline.

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It’s my thought anyway let me know yours.

This piece is written by StacySpeaks 2017.

Stacy is a 400 Level Masd Communication student of Bowen University, Iwo. A blogger and an aspiring On-Air Personality. Trust me, she is a tremendous character to behold😄😄😄. If you know, you know…😉😉😉

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