It could consume you, derail you, strengthen you in some cases.
It may make you so occupied you re-prioritise irrationality and lose sight of things money can’t even buy that you already have. If your happiness is tied to money, you lose happiness when you don’t have it or have it as much as you want.

So If there’s one thing i know is true, its – Don’t tie your happiness to anything material.

But to get to the point- Money can get caught eventually whatever way, just know ‘money is a visitor’, visitors come and go. You gain, you spend. You get, you give and on and on. So it’s wise to hold on to things that last longer.
Of course, chase money, who doesn’t want it. Just, if you’re with all the money in the world at the expense of being without the priceless things or people you may have in your life right now and can live that way effortlessly; then chase money without care, without caution.

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Written by Ihcego.

Photo source: Google Chrome images.

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