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I think everyday I ponder I get dazed each day I wonder what has life to offer? more than roses and  flowers? oh oh more than bottles of beer? even at the height of fear I’m so dared to roll the dice I’m hot I need ice to cool off. […]

LAGOS. By: Ordeezy.


In the heart of Yellow with black stripes Where love is a business deal Lips are wrapped with lies And kindness is a sin. In the heart of these restless roads Lies the struggle for survival The hunger for greatness flows The truth is called lier. In this Center of […]

HISTORY. By: Amy Diko.


Together we wrote a story Even greater than the twilight love affair Where you were my romeo and I your juliet And now we’ve reached the final chapter. Thought a day will come, where we’ll never say goodbye but goodnight Then we realised, Could we truly handle the truth if […]

EMOTIONS. By: Ordeezy.


Expected to be strong, no pain mentioned.   To them his gender speaks perfection. Always gives but never receives affection. Work all day and still give her attention. He could never express his pain Be strong! Be a man! Is all they say. Drowning in oblivion, unclear of his name. No […]

POETIC QUOTES. By: Josh Psalms.


  This short articles are written by Josh Psalms 2017.



Through the darkness  Through the dancing flame When faith was madness In this drenching rain When failure seemed supreme And mocking faces orbit When hope seemed unreal With things hard work vomit. This is where great men walked. Through trials and many attempts Through hard work that never relent Through […]

I AM MELANIN. By: Ordeezy.


I am evil because of my skin Handcuffed my hands and feet. Taught to hate my brothers And feel inferior to others. I have walked through pain and torture For padlocks, my lips they puncture. I have seen slavery and hell Times when my identity fell. I never shook, I […]

OPPORTUNITY. By: StacySpeaks.


Everyone has an opportunity We all make choices Which become our decisions. Our decisions determine the next opportunity that would come our way. Do not be too anxious to get wealth. Be very swift to get wisdom. Life is not a bed of thorns nor a bed of  roses, But […]

THE PAIN I CARRY. By Adegbite Arinola.


We were made for each other yet we don’t understand each other We love one another but we still despise each other. We believed in rumours and focused not on our feelings and emotions. I got swayed away hoping to find solace in your arms. But they were just a […]



                    All words in this post are solely Meenah’s thoughts.

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