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The Jouney To The Top

#NigerianCreatives: STAY WOKE. By: Pipeloluwa.

Our ship has been sunk into the hands of our relations who drowned us in the sea of their opinion; no wonder our ship was submerged so quick.
Our ship sailed through the wrong route, and for redirections we involved relations not knowing their intention was to see us drown apart.

Their lips broke our strings and ate deep into the fabric of our mainsail, leaving us to the mercy of the strong wind.
Their words made us their world; they spoke of us like they owned us and made us think in their own direction, we lost ourselves as ‘we’ and became all to them.
And so, we’ve become a story unfolded to people by characters who staged the plot.
Our hearts has become detached from one another as we’ve become strangers; this is my story, my mistake; this should not be yours, Stay woke!!

Writer: Pipeloluwa.

Photo credit: Google Chrome Imagery.

#Poetry: SHE’S BROKEN. By: Pipeloluwa.

For I was empty because I completed him, he left me in the valley to walk down the aisle alone.

My heart was scared of letting go because I didn’t want to forget us but you had already forgotten me so I never had a chance with you which made me broken.


I’m still here, on this ship without a captain for you were my anchor I pray I don’t get drowned. There’s a black hole in your soul which moulded to my love that was your lust and I’m here lost in my fate hoping to see a glimpse of your face.

My heart throbbed farther as his presence became my nightmare and so I’m left to wither like the flowers without sun because you’ve turned to be my shield on this field without weapons but my heart which was slain by you.

I’m broken, I can see my pieces scattered; I’m empty cause I was full in you. I’ve become a circle that keeps going round without a destination; my heart has been without beats and my life has been without blood. I’m leaving but my soul is still clung to you like like an infant to milk.

My heart has been deprived from pleasure and have been burdened to leisure without a feature of my nature which is LOVE!

Though I wanted you to be my sun so you’ll radiate my heart but you have become my past which didn’t last but I’m still here… In pains.

Written by: Pipeloluwa

Social media handle: @ Lholhuwharh

Photos from: Google chrome images.

I REMEMBER. By: Ordeezy.

I remember
Before the chains and bounds
Before the whips and cuts
Before our blood fed our grounds
Before the assaults that hurt.

I remember
Before the deceit and false trade
Before the strange religion that now reigns
Before the glittery gifts that looked tempting
Before the false peace they kept waving. 

I remember
The song of our fathers
Flowing like the waters from our mouths
Singing and dancing round the naked fire
With joy we couldn’t count.

I remember
Tales from the elders beneath the silent moon
Folktales we thought were true
Our mother’s lap where we shared our pain
Her comforting songs when she sang our name.

I remember
Oh! I remember.
Many has forgotten our ways.

Written by: Ordeezy.

Photo source: Google Chrome Images.

QUESTIONS. By: Faustina Marfo.

I die everyday
With thoughts of the mistakes I made
Not just mistakes, regrets.
The “why didn’t I listen” ?
The “what made me do it” ?
Questions that crush my existence
It’s a struggle to breathe knowing that going back in time only happens in movies.
“Why was I so naive” ?
Questions that knock me to the ground,
I want to forgive myself
I thought I forgave myself
But I can’t, I haven’t
At least not yet
I die everyday
With regrets that hunt me.

Written by: Faustina Marfo.

Photo source: Google Chrome images.

A NEW WORLD. By: StacySpeaks.

The breeze blows this way;
As the leaves dance like masquerades.
The white man stands in the centre
of the wide dark sky.
I feel it could drop down to the earth
at any moment and scatter like
snowflakes on our roof tops.

What if the river overflows
Will it take my bed away?
Then the universe resides beneath the water.
A whole new world, everything changes;
we would no longer feel the rain.
The water cools us when the
sun raises its head.
Our legs will take a break
As we are now clothed with fins
And wiggle at the sound of the waves.

Written by: StacySpeaks.
Photo source: Google Chrome.

MAYBE. By: KKawesome.

Maybe your night wasn’t good
Maybe you’re having a bad day

Maybe you’re checking this message because there’s no better thing to do
Maybe you’re not happy
Maybe your plans fell through
Maybe you’re tired of the problems life keeps giving you

Maybe you’re breaking and no one is seeing it
Maybe your heart aches
Maye you want to run from everything
Maybe your job makes you sad

Maybe school makes you jaded
Maybe you want someone so bad, but you can’t seem to get anyone
Maybe you want to give up
Maybe there’s too much pressure on you to succeed
Maybe you are afraid of failure
Maybe you’ve failed so many times
Maybe your efforts aren’t getting you results

Maybe something is bothering you
Maybe you’re a victim of at least one of these.
Surely you’re not alone,
Everyone has their issues
Never allow your issues bring you down
Be strong for you; be strong for the world
Like the former phases have, this will pass too.
So, take a deep breath, get up, smile, and be happy.
Maybe the situation isn’t as bad, after all.
Maybe we all can be happy…
Remember, someone cares!

Written by: Thekkawesome (2018), he is a student of the University of Ilorin.

Photo source: Google Chrome.
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A LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER. By: Lawore Temiloluwa.

Dear Ray,
I desire that you fall in love just like I did
I believe no one should ever be cheated
Or robbed of this unexplainable feeling…

Love has no definition, no explanation
You may dream and imagine all of what it should be,
Yet, it hits you with a great shock
When love finally comes your way…

I really hope that you are one day loved
Loved by the one whom you love,
I pray that you feel for and you are felt for,

That you are perfect in the eyes of another
For it is a beautiful thing to love,
Yet, it is a more wondrous thing to be loved…


But may I tell you of my fears?

May love not come to you with impossibilities,
May it not shatter your heart into dust,

May you not feel any pain when you fall,
May you not cry from dashed hopes
And dreams that faded from reality…
For love came to me with all these…

Written by: Lawore Temiloluwa (2018).

Photo source: Google Chrome.


WOMAN. By: Ordeezy.

She is phenomenal 

She is the life giver

Her voice can calm a storm

Her soul will erupt a volcano.

She is nature

A special race

The greatest of all creatures. 

The touch of her lips

The lust from her breasts 

The sway in her hips

The juice between her thighs. 

She will sacrifice all for love 

She knows pain and value love. 

She is the perfect creation 

The holy grail. 

She is life 

The sacred chalice 

The strength of a man

The hope of a nation 

The pillar of the future 

She is a man’s weakness 

The sacred goddess 

She is phenomenal. 

Poet: Ordeezy 2018.

Photos: Google Chrome.



I think everyday I ponder
I get dazed each day I wonder
what has life to offer?
more than roses and  flowers?
oh oh more than bottles of beer?
even at the height of fear
I’m so dared to roll the dice
I’m hot I need ice to cool off.


I flow with the cruise
I’m scared I might loose
I smoke like chimney
I feel like I’m humming
I love the rhythm
I wonder once more
what do we live for?

Poet: Kore

Ig: @koregold.

Photos: Google Chrome.