WHO I AM. By: Ordeezy.

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I am what you might call an abnormal specie Although I possess most characteristics of homosapiens I feel homo…different People say I’m an epitome of art which I find amusing I feel more like a homeless spirit tossed around by the wind without purpose. I hardly do things my friends […]



The Journey to The Top is a collection of short poems writing by a young creative who thinks there is more to life than the word ‘difficult’. Download this Ebook now by clicking below. The Jouney To The Top

#NigerianCreatives: STAY WOKE. By: Pipeloluwa.


Our ship has been sunk into the hands of our relations who drowned us in the sea of their opinion; no wonder our ship was submerged so quick. Our ship sailed through the wrong route, and for redirections we involved relations not knowing their intention was to see us drown […]

#Poetry: SHE’S BROKEN. By: Pipeloluwa.


For I was empty because I completed him, he left me in the valley to walk down the aisle alone. My heart was scared of letting go because I didn’t want to forget us but you had already forgotten me so I never had a chance with you which made […]

I REMEMBER. By: Ordeezy.


I remember Before the chains and bounds Before the whips and cuts Before our blood fed our grounds Before the assaults that hurt. I remember Before the deceit and false trade Before the strange religion that now reigns Before the glittery gifts that looked tempting Before the false peace they […]

QUESTIONS. By: Faustina Marfo.

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I die everyday With thoughts of the mistakes I made Not just mistakes, regrets. The “why didn’t I listen” ? The “what made me do it” ? Questions that crush my existence It’s a struggle to breathe knowing that going back in time only happens in movies. “Why was I […]

A NEW WORLD. By: StacySpeaks.

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The breeze blows this way; As the leaves dance like masquerades. The white man stands in the centre of the wide dark sky. I feel it could drop down to the earth at any moment and scatter like snowflakes on our roof tops. What if the river overflows Will it […]

MAYBE. By: KKawesome.

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Maybe your night wasn’t good Maybe you’re having a bad day Maybe you’re checking this message because there’s no better thing to do Maybe you’re not happy Maybe your plans fell through Maybe you’re tired of the problems life keeps giving you Maybe you’re breaking and no one is seeing […]

A LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER. By: Lawore Temiloluwa.

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Dear Ray, I desire that you fall in love just like I did I believe no one should ever be cheated Or robbed of this unexplainable feeling… Love has no definition, no explanation You may dream and imagine all of what it should be, Yet, it hits you with a […]

WOMAN. By: Ordeezy.


She is phenomenal  She is the life giver Her voice can calm a storm Her soul will erupt a volcano. She is nature A special race The greatest of all creatures.  The touch of her lips The lust from her breasts  The sway in her hips The juice between her […]

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