NAIJA, WHICH WAY? By: The George O’Nuel.

If I tell you say I never chop since yesterday, shey you go believe?

See, wetin I wan yarn you na true talk, I no dey deceive
I don taya for Naija, but still ehn, I LOVE THIS COUNTRY
Naso I see Poverty way carry award on top my family tree
For Naija, we dey hustle like elephant dey chop like ant
Na this same country some fools (wey I no blame) dey scavenge for pant
Shey Naija dey move forward ni abi e dey retrogress
I swear down, #10YearsChallenge for Naija, we still never progress
Our Leaders don build wall of China as full stop for middle of poor and rich
The system go still try bring you down, if you try cross the bridge
House of this, National dat, Yen yen yen , Abeg which work dem dey do sef?
“Da thing” wey happen for Ghana dat day na wetin most of dem deserve
Hello…No be me talk am o!
Na from popular demand I hear am o!
Every sitting and meeting wey dem get, na to siddon share our money
Walahi, this people no try, dem dey do us cunny cunny

Popsi don go find work since morning, hin no chop before he go
Food no dey, light poor, road bad…we no get ego
Popsi don come back now, he go empty…he come empty.
Chai! Come see as him shoe chop dust, him cloth don dirty!
Mumsy sef don lose her job for government office
Everyday na water for her eyes and her facial surface

Na only popsi shoe dey enjoy, e don chop for under
I dey vex right now e be like say make I order for thunder.
Naija which way na? Abeg which way?
Shey na God we go pray to? Abi na to go India to the witch way?

People are dying of depression
Poverty, our greatest infection
My mother now has high blood pressure
This nonsense has met my displeasure
ASUU is giving me too much leisure
Pain is giving us too much lecture
The only time we’re loved is before election
Internet fraud is most youth passion
Young ones are straying, no one to caution
The change we were promised is nothing but deception
The status quo is in recession
Corruption has become an addiction
But we were not like this from the inception
Our hope is fading like into a delusion

Abeg, make una no vex for the transmission of Grammar wey I dey spark
My anger don reach em limit, I kon dey spark
Wait sef! Wetin me sef sabi?
Dem don call us “Lazy Nigeria Youth” now abi?
But Nigerians, I hail oh, as in, una dey try!
Make una just stay strong, make una no cry!
Today dark, but tomorrow go bright
Make una uphold love and hope, make una no fight.
I suppose yan una plenty, but I gats go now
The garri wey I soak travel don swell reach, make I go chop now
Make I run before dem shoot me gun for head
Truth bitter. Dem go soon throw me stone, abeg make I bend.

Maybe Sha we go dey talk later

But from my Heart, I write to you as a depressed ” Sick-tizen”

‘the George O’Nuel®️
GraceInkConcept {GIC}

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ROMANTIC ENGINEER. By: Ayomide Fasedu.

Long breathtaking kisses
Here in my trance I lost all my senses
If we’re gonna sin
I hope we do it gently
Bra straps taken off
Clothes on the floor
Chants of your name I moan
As you slide in and out of my secret home
Your hands don’t take no for an answer
They do as they please
And I’m caught in these intense moments
Left with nothing
Nothing but pleasure
Nothing but nasty thoughts
The more you move
The deeper I call you
The deeper you go
The more I want you
The Devil’s seed is sown
But this time I support him
My morals have all gone
And now my heart is racing
In and out you move like a professional
My hormones are on high alert
On how you possess that talent
The ride is getting riskier
I can’t hold on much longer
I’m wet in your bed
And your eyes shows no regret.
©Ayomide Fasedu.

THE MAD MAN. By: Ayomide Fasedu.

The madman is my friend
He speaks of life before he met his friends
An adventrous world where he laid on gold
A world of joy with never ending happiness
A world where he thought could always be him
Then it crashed

I tell the tale of the madman as his journey began
Like a twist his life became a circus
He runs naked and laughs at his reflection
A stain on the earth
A child born to lead turned to a slave sleeping in dirt
In his insanity he lost all forms of sanity
Now his echos are heard around the world but his location unknown

I write my story to the madman for he is brave
He doesn’t hide but he is never seen in plain sight
He doesn’t try to please the snakes that roam this earth
My story wasnt the worst but it sure had its own crack on the wall
An endless pit of turmoil that would make a man run mad
Yet the madman laughed as he heard my tale as amusement became his mood

At first i cried as i poured my heart out
Then the music began and i laughed with my friend in the cave
Though we had lost all hope we laughed at everything that made us hurt
And each pain eased as each laughter bloomed
Now i never doubt the mad man for he was once sane before the world made him loose sanity
And while loosing sanity i held his hands and followed him to the world of colours
Now tell me if i too became mad or i found the one thing i craved in sanity
©Ayomide Fasedu.

Photo credit: Google Chrome Images


I know the man in white.
Some believe he’s an angel in human skin,
Many call him Father.
I know the man in white.
He helped my village, he built hospitals,
He fed the poor and built schools.
I know the man in white.
He promised to help my father by taking me,
I would see the white man’s land and I would become great.
I know the man in white.
He would defile me every night,
Sometimes I find it hard to walk.
My body trembles and tears run down my face.
I know the man in white.
I dare not tell a soul, no one would believe me,
I would disappoint my father.
I will die soon,
I’m charged for murder.
It hurts so bad I couldn’t endure any longer.
Now I’m a criminal, I have blood in my hands.
All because of the man in white.
Written by: Ordeezy 2018.
Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.

I LEARNT. By: StacySpeaks.

I learnt to crawl, walk and talk
I recognized my mother and father then learnt to call them mum and dad
I was told my name and learnt to spell it.
Oh how I learnt the hard way that ladies are to be seen and not heard.
They told me to compose myself and behave lady like.
They failed to let me express myself or let out the questions that roamed my mind which are still unanswered till date.

I learnt to keep shut when I won’t make sense but sometimes how would I know if I make sense without speaking?
I learnt to unlearn and relearn, so should you!

I learnt that the Kitchen is my workshop as a woman and the first tool I was taught to use was the knife. Yes, I had a lot of cuts and hurts but couldn’t cry out loud nor share my pain because all I would hear were comments on how careless I was.

I learnt I was to go to school, read my books and submit assignments as and when due. Such a diligent student I was. How I made mama proud, I did.

I learnt that I was going to get married and have kids, I learnt that I was going to fall in love; they failed to teach me how to love and be loved back. They told me not to fall in love because I didn’t need it yet but when I now needed it, I never found a genuine one. I ask myself if I really want to get married when I see what it entails. Let’s all remain single and be friends with whoever we want to; I’ll have to learn how!

I learnt that I’ll be criticized and shut out for reasons beyond my power. I am prepared to fight for what is right though I don’t know my rights.

I learnt it was better to ask questions than to assume.
So I ask you, how? How do you live in this confused world where culture, traditions, hypocrisy, perversion and insecurity on several grounds have blinded the eyes of many?
We are all products of what we’ve been through so I rest my case!

Written by: StacySpeaks 2018.


When I never knew fear,
When my eyes were far from tears,
For all around me was love and care,
Shown to me by family and friends.
When 5 naira could buy me much food,
When 1 naira could do a beggar much good,
For I was raised in a hood,
Where everyone was treated as they should.
When lovers would share love with a bottle of coke,
Smile and laugh even at the “dryest” jokes,
For when Instagram wasn’t yet in vogue,
Our Wives stayed home, but now they’ve all gone rogue!
When love letters did the talking,
For sweet words were the ladies cravings,
Now there’s no love without money,
And if you don’t have a ride, she can’t call you “Honey”
Unfortunately “those good old days” are now fairy tales.

Written by: Kmajiks


Mama, how hard was it for you
To walk through hell with a smiling face
Why didn’t you run? Why didn’t you run?
Your scars and screams were our dinner
Night after night his fist met your face
Is daddy a monster? Why does he always hit you?
Mama, I’m scared of marriage
I’m scared of silent tears, I don’t want to die in silence
How do I love when it cost you your life.
Mama, you sleep where angels meet stones
Daddy cried like he loved you, like he cared
He wrote a beautiful epitaph with tears running down his cheek
They all believe he loved you, they think your death was natural
Are all men like daddy? Monsters in human skin
Wolves in sheep’s clothing, demons with halo.
Why didn’t you speak up mama? You’re no longer here mama
Mama, if you had spoken, you would have been saved.
Written by: Ordeezy.
Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.

#SpokenWords: AGED ‘THE WRONG IN OUR Culture’. By: Shallyola.

There is a saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”
I thought….. “this is deep!”
But again, cultural wrongs are wrongs also
So to do right am doing this. 
Respect has been confused for foolishness
And foolishness for respect;
It seems cool to be fools to respect people. 

The mouth is padlocked with silence
When it comes to defending one’s self. 
Am sorry! Am sorry! Are the only words the mouth utters;
Meanwhile the words in us that we ought to say burns deep within us
The lips stay sealed and we are trampled on with words
Words that break the walls of our self-esteem, 
Walls that helps us through the rough day
And like Jericho’s walls, 
Someone’s words

Someone who feels they’re older
Breaks those walls
Crushes them such that they cannot be raised again. 

Someone who does not understand that Age is nothing but numbers. 
Okay lets say you “Aged”
I mean your words should help build confidence
But your “Numbers” comes out with words
Yes! Words!
Words that destabilizes and hurts
Your “Numbers” insults my respect
And turns me to a fool. 
It’s true you have the “Numbers”  
But then there is a saying that a fool at 40 is a fool forever
Your “Numbers” never heard of that? 
No! it didn’t
But it knows how to break the walls of others. 

It knows how to wound
It knows how to trample others esteem
Respect does not give you the right to override others humanity
And respect they say is reciprocal
So it’s true you got the “Numbers”
But don’t forget we are all humans
And those with lesser “Numbers need to be respected also
This is what your “Numbers” should equal:
They should equal Discipline
They should equal self control
They should equal proper organization
They should equal love
They should equal concern for others
They should equal maturity
They should equal support
They should equal hope
And remember respect is earned and not commanded. 

Written by:  Shallyola

Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME. By: StacySpeaks.

A day in the life of me;
I say to myself, “you have to make it in life, wake up, wear your make up and break free”
Forgetting to ask how many times I’ve woken up to break free but I’m still captured.

A day in the life of me;
I thought their life was filled with so much troubles.
I wept, sought after people who would make my life better, they had to let go of me because I was drawing them to their past. Don’t even feel bad for me.

I was told that Rome wasn’t built in a day yet I roam about daily trying to save myself from crumbling.
Yes I eat crumbs and I am not satisfied; feed me with experience, expertise, food but most of all knowledge.

People always say “fake it till you make it”, I’m going to be as real as I can and I’ll make sure I fix my life a day in the life of me.

Written by: StacySpeaks 2018.

Photocredit: Google Chrome Images.

WHO I AM. By: Ordeezy.

I am what you might call an abnormal specie
Although I possess most characteristics of homosapiens I feel homo…different
People say I’m an epitome of art which I find amusing
I feel more like a homeless spirit tossed around by the wind without purpose.

I hardly do things my friends do, sometimes I try hard to blend;
My friends tell their love stories and emotions.
I go to my story pot and cook creative stories of me spiced with scenes from Indian movies.
I have a barricade of fear, anxiety and distrust around my stomach so you can’t find butterflies there.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t had any heart breaks… Maybe once or twice… I don’t remember because I’m not bothered
I gave up on love long time ago… Maybe I didn’t… Maybe it just… left.
So here I am on a serious relationship with depression and solitude.

My friends tell tales of their sex experience with girlfriends, party strangers but I’m too shy to tell them of my daily threesome with my lovers.
I flirt sometimes and it seems like a natural gift, I could say sweet words that will make Shakespeare’s grave tremble but I never have the strength to go further; to lie on their naked body because I fear I might break their hearts if I go too deep. She might think I’m in love but get disappointed the next morning then sing aloud the daily female hymn “Men are scum”.

I’m considered the devil’s agent because I’m one of the few species who dare to ask “why” whenever it comes to religious matters.
I am a stranger to myself, I say and do things I never thought I could. I’m a coward, luckily my alter ego is fierce, he’s the gifted one; the poet and smooth talker, I just take the credits.

I’m scared of marriage, will I marry because I love her or because my mother desperately needs grandchildren so she can sing lullabies to their tiny ears? Will I love my wife? How will I, when love seems like a foreign, ancient and forgotten language?
I am the only one of my kind.
I am… I really don’t know who I am.

Poet: Ordeezy

Images: Google Chrome.