I LEARNT. By: StacySpeaks.

I learnt to crawl, walk and talk I recognized my mother and father then learnt to call them mum and dad I was told my name and learnt to spell it. Oh how I learnt the hard way that ladies are to be seen and not heard. They told me to compose myself and behave … Continue reading I LEARNT. By: StacySpeaks.


When I never knew fear, When my eyes were far from tears, For all around me was love and care, Shown to me by family and friends. When 5 naira could buy me much food, When 1 naira could do a beggar much good, For I was raised in a hood, Where everyone was treated … Continue reading THE GOOD OLD DAYS. By: Kmajiks.


Mama, how hard was it for you To walk through hell with a smiling face Why didn't you run? Why didn't you run? Your scars and screams were our dinner Night after night his fist met your face Is daddy a monster? Why does he always hit you? Mama, I'm scared of marriage I'm scared … Continue reading WHERE ANGELS MEET STONES. By: Ordeezy.

#SpokenWords: AGED ‘THE WRONG IN OUR Culture’. By: Shallyola.

There is a saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” I thought….. “this is deep!” But again, cultural wrongs are wrongs also So to do right am doing this.  Respect has been confused for foolishness And foolishness for respect; It seems cool to be fools to respect people.  The mouth is padlocked with silence When … Continue reading #SpokenWords: AGED ‘THE WRONG IN OUR Culture’. By: Shallyola.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME. By: StacySpeaks.

A day in the life of me; I say to myself, "you have to make it in life, wake up, wear your make up and break free" Forgetting to ask how many times I've woken up to break free but I'm still captured. A day in the life of me; I thought their life was … Continue reading A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME. By: StacySpeaks.

WHO I AM. By: Ordeezy.

I am what you might call an abnormal specie Although I possess most characteristics of homosapiens I feel homo...different People say I'm an epitome of art which I find amusing I feel more like a homeless spirit tossed around by the wind without purpose. I hardly do things my friends do, sometimes I try hard … Continue reading WHO I AM. By: Ordeezy.


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#NigerianCreatives: STAY WOKE. By: Pipeloluwa.

Our ship has been sunk into the hands of our relations who drowned us in the sea of their opinion; no wonder our ship was submerged so quick. Our ship sailed through the wrong route, and for redirections we involved relations not knowing their intention was to see us drown apart. Their lips broke our … Continue reading #NigerianCreatives: STAY WOKE. By: Pipeloluwa.

#Poetry: SHE’S BROKEN. By: Pipeloluwa.

For I was empty because I completed him, he left me in the valley to walk down the aisle alone. My heart was scared of letting go because I didn't want to forget us but you had already forgotten me so I never had a chance with you which made me broken.   I'm still … Continue reading #Poetry: SHE’S BROKEN. By: Pipeloluwa.

I REMEMBER. By: Ordeezy.

I remember Before the chains and bounds Before the whips and cuts Before our blood fed our grounds Before the assaults that hurt. I remember Before the deceit and false trade Before the strange religion that now reigns Before the glittery gifts that looked tempting Before the false peace they kept waving.  I remember The … Continue reading I REMEMBER. By: Ordeezy.