“You Need God For Revelation And Google For Information”: Lessons From Google Fuel For Your Hustle Masterclass. By StacySpeaks.

In my opinion, I will say Google is a blessing to our generation and has brought the whole world closer to us. This post is dedicated to all hustlers out there who still keep grinding in the face of challenges. Regardless of your business, Google can be the fuel for your hustle.

The event which took place at Jogor Centre, Ibadan at 9am on July 4th, 2019 included: Digital Skills Training and Practical Visioning Sessions by the guest speakers: Funke Akindele Bello, a Nigerian actress, director and producer and Fela Durotoye a speaker and leadership consultant. Google Digital Skills Training educated attendees on the essence and use of Google products such as Google My Business, Local Guides, and Google Search. The goal of the Google Digital Skills Training is to improve the employability status of users. One can make searches on Google using the: Near Me and How To search.

Google My Business manages the online presence of businesses, helps customers find you and tell them the story behind your business. G.co/testmysite is a tool that tests site’s speed and gives recommendations on how to make a website perform better.

Growing Your Business Online.

  • Base your choice of social media platforms on whichever majority of your audience use.
  • Target your online campaign to precise locations and demographics
  • Content marketing is essential. Always sell out the idea behind a product rather than forcing it on customers.

After both speakers shared their life experiences and how they evolved through the use of Google and technology, they left us with some nuggets to hold on to.

Lessons From Funke Akindele Bello

  • For you to be a hustler, you must have the passion for what you do.
  • As a hustler, how are you promoting and positioning yourself?
  • Use Google My Business to ensure that your customers can find you online.
  • To prevent loss of important details, save all necessary information on Google Drive.
  • While hustling you will get lots of challenges and NOs.
  • Encourage yourself without expecting anyone to encourage you.
  • Never give up! Don’t be distracted! If you don’t do it, someone else will.

Lessons From Fela Durotoye

  • Your hustle isn’t just what you do to put food on your table, but the dream that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you up late at night.
  • You will pay for everything you don’t know but will be paid for what you know.
  • Your future is not a time or day on the calendar, it is everything you can be which you have not yet become.
  • Your hustle must not only get you income but must also make an impact.
  • Whatever you do with a passion, you will do with a difference.
  • Depending on how you treat people, your name will either be a key or a padlock for coming generations.
  • Everything that will ever happen to you will happen through someone else.
  • Your hustle must be a solution to a problem in order to create prosperity.

In conclusion, according to Fela Durotoye, you need God for revelation and Google for information. Information is the fuel for your hustle!

Written by: StacySpeaks 2019

Photos Source: #fuelforyourhustle on Instagram


The first ever Ilorin Digital Summit took place on the 15th of September 2018 with over 600 people in attendance and was put together by Yemisi Ajeojo a social entrepreneur and Corps member who is passionate about youth empowerment, community development and growing small businesses.

Yemisi Ajeojo, the convener of the summit.

When asked her motivation for putting the project together, she said, “In my 7 months in Kwara State as a Corps member, I have come to realise that Kwara State has over 10 higher institutions which accounts for approximately 60,000 new students intake yearly. In addition, at least 7000 young people are posted to serve in the state yearly. This is a target audience that is capable of greatly influencing the employment sector and influencing the economic trajectory of the state.

However, there are not a lot of opportunities in place for this young people to productively engage themselves. Also, this target audience with the ability to significantly affect the economy are unaware of how to leverage digital platforms to create employment for themselves, tap into already existing employment and even promote their current business to a wider audience. 

The event had key people in both the digital media and tech sector coming from different parts of the country to share their knowledge and experience on how young people and small business owners can leverage on digital platforms to sustain their livelihoods and even create more streams of income for themselves. Formidable organizations leveraged on the event to provide discounted and even free training to acquire skills relevant to the digital workplace as well as to provide job opportunities.  Companies such as Payant, Dot, Cowrywise, Efiko, Google and Facebook were represented.The summit started with a keynote speech by Dr Muritala Awodun who is the current executive chairman of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) and Dean of Kwara State University School of Business and Governance. Dr. Awodun shared about how digital platforms provides opportunities to solve both under-employment and unemployment.  In addition to his keynote speech, he also gave every attendee one of his books on entrepreneurship for free.

One of the esteemed speakers at the Ilorin Digital Summit.

Topics that were covered by other speakers included: How to grow personal finance with digital tools, How to build a profitable online business in our most preferred niche. How to use digital platforms to promote personal brand, How to leverage payment platforms for more income and so on.Participants at the event said they never thought something this great could happen in Ilorin and the event has really opened their eyes and mind to more opportunities to be productive.To further improve the lives of people and even the economy of the state, the organizer plans to create a digital community (Ilorin Digital Community) that will not only enable people gain digital skills in various sectors, but also monetize these skills and tap into the various opportunities that the digital economy provides.

To support or find out more about the Ilorin Digital Community, please contact ilorindigitalsummit@gmail.com

Written by: Yemisi Ajeojo 2018


TSL means The Shanyi Life, a passionate platform for business, faith, lifestyle and organisers of TSL Conferences which is a Pan-African conference focused on millennial and young adults. The conference is interested in exposing young people to opportunities, support and tips on how to create the life of their dream and make maximum impact in their 20s.

The Convener, Grace Okoli (CEO, The Shanyi Organisation) is a 25 year old African Woman from Anambra State Nigeria and passionate about fulfilling purpose and making impact. At the conference, awards were also given out to publicly honour and showcase African youths in diverse industries who are thriving excellently by affecting lives positively through their works. This year’s conference had the theme, The Millenial CEO: Thriving in a Mature Market. The 3 panel discussions focused on these topics: 

Hassles of A Stu-Preneur: Keeping your sanity, profit and Grades. Panelists: Chineneye Nzom (Founder, RejuvAfrik and The VoluntersHub), Dr. Elizabeth Peters (Founder and Editor (Elizabethpeters.com), Iyanu Ajayi (CEO Marplestreet NG) and Andrea Odu-Obi (Media Personality).

Mastering Social Media, Hacks for Global Business Growth. Panelists: Tricia Ikponmwnonba (The Small Business Fixer), Kenneth Ndubisi (Founder, Cashless Youth), Olubunmi Fajuyigbe (Founder, She Learns Here) and Alice Dako (Founder, Colors and Grey).

The Millennial CEO: Thriving in a Mature Space. Panelists: Amifeoluwa Yakubu (CEO, Dibiyan Home of Fashion), Olajumoke Tawose (CEO, Gracie’s), Victor Fatanmi (CEO, Fourth Canvas) and Grace Okoli (CEO, The Shanyi Organisation).

Everything you do in a business is a process and only the right business structure will help you thrive in a mature market; If you cannot explain your process in simple terms then you don’t know what you are doing and if your business cannot run in your absence then you have no business. When you put in the right structure into your business you won’t need to struggle and your business will be sustainable.

The business structure defines all business activities including, staffing, cashflow, business ideas, implementation, savings and every step to be taken as regards a business. All plans for your business must be put into writing in a proper perspective; this business plan develops a culture for your business, gives clarity to employees about the company, their duties and expectations from each of them. Some areas that needs structuring in your business include: the process (growth, stagnancy or declining), record keeping, customer service/ quality control, staff recruitment, social media presence, leave/holiday for staff, feedback mechanism, cashflow/savings, customer’s record details and the list goes on. Remember that every money you make from your business regardless of how little it is, must first go into the bank before it is spent; this helps you give a monthly or yearly account of your cash flow and explain your bank statement” (Tinu Smith).

A stu-preneur is one who owns or runs a business while schooling, you need to understand that you are not like every other student so you have to make certain sacrifices; understand that challenges will come but decide intentionally to always be happy doing what you do. Take a pause when you need to, remember that you are human; make a schedule, know your customers but know yourself more. Comparison is the thief of happiness so take your own lane and stop thinking that someone is thriving better than you are. Stand by your principles, put some value on yourself; some of your customers would leave you but those who appreciate you will stay.

In the 21st century you must leverage on the use of social media for global business growth, create an online presence for your business no matter how small the business is. Discover where your customers are hiding and find them; know what social media your customers use often and understand how the media works. Ensure the visibility of your business by registering it on google maps.

Focus on posting amazing content, engage your audience intention and be active on other people’s pages, use keywords and hashtags. Your picture on social media must be beautiful and relevant; you can use any of these mobile applications to create your graphics designs: Canva, designer, word cloud, etc. Social media stories go a long way to reach people who are not even following your account. Some of the social media platforms to use for your business are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, websites, etc. Facebook is still the largest social network. Understand how it works and use it to your advantage. Be consistent and always show up. Know your niche and what you want to be known for. Your bio on social media is just like your complimentary card so it must be brief but detailed and catchy enough to get attention.

Entrepreneurship needs discipline so if you cannot save on your own then you are not worth getting a grant. As a business owner you need a profit and loss sheet; it helps you understand your how much goes out and what comes in as profit. Learn to keep your overhead cost low by getting more value at a lower cost. Know your monthly breakdown volume, it helps you to spend wisely according to how much you earn on a monthly basis. Before someone would give you a grant, they’ll need to know what value you can add before they go ahead to place value on you. Don’t just spend the profit as it comes in, rather use it to grow the business and learn delayed gratification; it helps to control your spending. It is easier to get grants by volunteering at international conferences, ensure you have a standard, documents and an idea you can pitch, get your initiative registered at either the state level or under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), join relevant communities that share opportunities on grants e.g, globalsheepers and make sure you follow people who share such opportunities on social media.

Written by: StacySpeaks (2018)

Pictures credit: @tsl_africa