I am Fiwajomi, a pencil artist who adores creativity and perfection so I ll be sharing with you what art means to me and we’ll be giving highlights of what a perfect week is for me.

I had been so engaged this year and haven’t been able to meet most of my targets regarding art. Did I hear someone say that the year is still fresh??? 😏😏😏 The year 2018 has been a year of discovery for me; I have been able to focus more on other parts of art than the other. Yes, I have been working on my photography skill and attempting the production of backdrops. The good news is I recently tried digital art which we know as illustrations.

In the midst of all my activities, my love for pencil drawing can’t be ignored so I picked up my tools and began working on a picture in my achive. I had become very rusty; almost found it difficult to hold my pencils the right way 😥😥😥 My blending skills was an error and when I tried getting the various textures of the hair I was ashamed of myself already. Like Fiwajomi wake up jor this ain’t you man!!!

After so many trials and moments of concentration, I was able to come up with this portrait art work as I tried to replicate a digital photograph into a pencil drawing.

Camera picture.

They say practice never ends. Indeed it never really does especially when your mind is fixed on a goal. I’ll actually keep practicing till I explode😁😁😁.
The medium used for this artwork is ~ charcoal and graphite pencil on alabaster paper.
Protrait size ~16*14inch.
Duration of the completion of the artwork ~ Uncountable hours.

MAMA AFRICA. By: Demola Art.

She’s a typical African woman carrying Africa; I made all the other countries with different colours and made Nigeria stand out because it’s the giant of Africa.

The inspiration behind this post is..errmmm nothing really. I just woke up that morning and I sketched it out and the design by the side was done by a friend @toh_mie it’s called madalas.

Duration: 3hours.

Medium: Poster color on white cardboard.

Creative property of Demola Art 2018.

Personality Interview with Agba Onome Joshua, one of the winners of the 2018 NUMATVILLE Art Contest.

Let’s meet Agba Onome Joshua, one of the 26 winners of the 2018 NUMATVILLE Art Contest, he is a 19 year old 400 level student of the Department of Marine Science in the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).

How do you feel being one of the winners of the 2018 NUMATVILLE Art Contest?
I feel very great and happy being among the winners of this competition because I’ve always dreamt of exhibiting my artworks in one of the biggest Nigeria’s art exhibitions.

How did you get into the competition?
A URL link to the competition was shared on one of the whatsapp groups I am in so I just followed the registration procedure by contacting the organizers online and I submitted my details to them via whatsapp and instagram.

What were the requirements for participating in the contest?
There were actually no requirements for participation and registration was free. All we had to do was to register with our names and submit an artwork of our choice.

Do you have an idea of how many artists were in the competition and how many of them emerged as winners?
I am not really sure of the number of contestants but it was a lot of us; young artists from all over Nigeria and about 26 of us emerged as winners of the competition.

What was the mode of selecting winners? Was it through votes or random selection?
It wasn’t based on votes nor highest likes. Winners were selected by art experts.

Did you ever think you’ll emerge as one of the winners?
Yes I always believe in myself so I knew I could win this.

Is this your first time of participating in such art contest?
Yes I have been in previous art competitions but in most online art contests, winners are always determined by the highest number of likes or votes so this turns me off because the person with the highest number of followers or trends on social media eventually wins regardless of how fantastic the work is.

Can we see the artwork that made it a win for you at the competition?

What is the title of your artwork and what inspired it?
The title of my artwork is Joyful Heart. My inspiration is that we are all bought into the world with so much awe, wonder and splendour and we don’t have to lose all of it while we are growing up. If we take a break to notice the things we usually overlook we would find out that a new world of possibilities open up for us. As we appreciate the wonders of it all, a profound humility expresses itself as gratefulness. A heart filled with appreciation and gratitude is a key to a joyful life.

How long did it take you to complete it?
Approximately 200 hours.

What materials did you use in creating the work of art?
The artwork was created with a combination of different colours of ball pen on alabaster paper.

What lesson did you learn from the competition?
I learnt to always believe in myself, to continue in hard work and diligence because it pays off at some point and above all, trust God more. This competition makes me believe that art is very priceless.

Onomzy’s artwork.


For how long have you been an artist and were you taught or you trained yourself?
I have been drawing since I was a child but I started taking art serious about 10 months back when I learnt from a friend and as time went on I developed myself some more; self-improvement never ends. 

Onomzy’s first artwork.


What sort of artworks do you major in
For now I do only pen drawing for now because I feel more comfortable with that but someday I’ll try some new stuff.

One of Onomzy’s artworks.


After school would you love to be a full-time artist or practise your profession?
I will love to be a full time artist in future.

Onomzy’s artwork.


Why didn’t you study fine-art?
My parents are not in support of me studying arts as a career moreover I graduated from a strictly science secondary school. However, I plan to study art after getting my first degree in Marine Science.

As one of the winners of the competition what prizes were you given?
We were given a complimentary plot of land at Abuja Tourism Megacity, massive media coverage, an opportunity to showcase more of our art collections for exhibition during the NUMATVILLE open air art exhibition, cultural and dance festival.

What do you intend to do with the plot of land you got from the competition?
*Smiles* I will start the construction of an art studio there as soon as possible.

Would you have preferred them to give the winners cash prizes rather than a plot of land?
I actually prefer the plot of land because it is an asset but if it were a cash prize the money would be spent till it finishes *smiles*.

What words of encouragement can you give to the person reading this?
All I’ll say is, pursue your dreams without considering what people have to say, some people will say you can’t do something because they themselves think they can’t do it. You’ve got a dream, you have to protect it! Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and always believe in yourself.

It’s been wonderful interacting with you. Thanks for coming on StacySpeaksBlog. Do enjoy the rest of your day.
Thanks so much. It’s a honour for having me here.

You can follow this young talented artist on his social media handle @onomzyart to check out more of his creative artworks.

Theme: Exhibiting Nigerian Culture @ its Peak!!!
      NUMATVILLE is an acronym of the Nigerian Unity Museum, Trade & Tourism Village located in Panda-Karu LGA, Nassarawa, Outskirt of Abuja. The project is initiated to showcase Nigerian Tourism and cultural values with the essence of National Unity in Nigeria in a community of Nigerian Entertainment celebrities. NUMATVILLE which is a national project is designed to underscore the essence of creating a permanent structure to project the concept of National Unity in Nigeria through the creation of a specialized municipality where every Local Government Liaison office is represented and established.
Winners of this competition gets a complimentary plot of land at the Tourism Megacity.

They also have the opportunity to showcase more of their art collections for Exhibition on Saturday 28th June, 2018 during the NUMATVILLE Open Air Exhibition, Cultural dance and Sport  Festival at Panda-Karu LGA, Nassarawa State.


Medium: Pencil with charcoal on smooth alabaster paper.
Size: 14 by 12inch.

I’ve been away for a while researching and exploring the act of portrait drawing and photography. I discovered how much I missed drawing a portrait…so I decided to put my fingers into good use. I spoke to a friend who wanted me to draw a portrait of his long time love Iria Ogbide whom he had just proposed to. As the God of love 😎😎😎Fiwajomicupid, I had my role to play in making sure his lady doesn’t have a second thought towards his proposition 😉😉

This brought about a three days intensive sketching and detailed shading of her portrait. While I was trying to met the deadline I was also trying to achieve perfection and in the end you can see the feed back from my friend in the picture collage. He loved it but she loved it even more 😀

Though I didn’t spend my Valentines day with anyone, I am glad I took  part in making a friend’s Valentines day a lovely one. You know it’s a season of love and sharing.

Artist: Fiwajomi Tomiwa (CEO Fiwajomi Photoart)

Follow the artist on Instagram @fiwajomiphotoart and @fiwajomicupid.

Ademolaa’s Art.

Original photograph of Damilola Abdul Rasak Afolabi.

Art portrait of Damilola Abdul Rasak Afolabi.

Artist: Ademolaa

Duration: 3days
Medium: Charcoal pencil on tonned paper.

Follow the artist on social media @ademolaa_




I’m sure you all know Nuel the poet, Emman the story writer and guess what, he is also a photographer. He is Emmanuel Odunfa and here is his recent photo shoot of an Owl that caught my attention and made social media go up in flames last week. We would be stalking him a little bit.
So he dropped this tweet on twitter immediately after editing his Owl picture and his tweet activity skyrocketed with the following statistics: 19,253 impressions (times people saw this tweet on twitter) and 3,016 total engagements (times people interacted with this tweet).
Now I think you should see the Owl and Nuel’s tweet as well as the hilarious comments from his followers and friends.

You get mind oh, I cannot look this devilish bird in the eye, you still opened camera.
Mo ma ferege ni. Long steps running begin.
I cover my night’s drive with the blood of Jesus. I won’t dream of Owl and those old women in Jesus name.
This guy. Do you know what time it is? Making somebody want to soak the tab in the blood of Jesus.
Evilness in its eyes 😵😵

Awwnn this is beautiful.
So much talent in one human being. Writer, poet, photographer and smart ass, though you are not always normal but I still love you like that. This owl picture is the realest thing I’ve seen in a while.
Awwn Emmanuel, what did you use to edit it? It’s so pretty, it’s really nice but are owls this cute? Like even the original picture is nice. Never thought they were this cute.
I love the eyes.
Awesome! Just Awesome.
Dope much!!!’👌
‘I love the eye’.

@amcalled_nuel, I’m your fan.

Red eyes looking like one devil😈😈 Good job though’. 👏👏
Nice work but me… hmmm if I don’t stone that thing… lmao

That’s like looking into the eyes of the gods.
Nuel’s reply to this tweet: Ayyee I’m a god (smiley) meaning we were having a business meeting. ‘Apparently it’s all a business meeting.😂😂

I’m confused, I don’t know if I should appreciate this beauty or hide under the covers. The editing is really clean though’👌

Are you from Nigeria at all? Taking the picture of someone’s ancestor. You no dey fear o’🙆🙆

It’s beautiful hope no one came to visit you last night?
Beautiful birds, they should be left alone.
It is so beautiful.
This is greatness.
Can’t describe how beautiful this is! Nature is wonderful’.😍😍😍
Awesome! Just Awesome.
Beautiful Owl.
Wow…God created those eyes? Beautiful… never seen one this close… how did you do it?
Nuel’s reply to this tweet: It was caught by someone. So I asked if I could take a picture and he told me to go ahead that it’s harmless in the day because it’s partially blind till night time.

‘(1) You saw an Owl at night, (2) You went ahead to take pictures. (3) You even decided to edit it, Smh, My bro, your village witches have won. Your days are numbered. Please look at how the Owl is looking at you like see this mumu
Nuel’s reply to this tweet: You don’t know me, I don’t know you. You didn’t create me either. How then do you know my days are numbered?
Census chairman.
Minister of Statistics.


This owl is going through depression’.

You are officially in trouble. Just pray that owl wasn’t coming from Benin.

That’s gonna be a meme in no time


You can follow Nuel on twitter @amcalled_nuel to see more comments. 


StacySpeaks Point of View…
After all fun, games and laughter I honestly think we should be nice enough to compliment a beautiful work and give some sort of encouragement to people who are giving life some more life. If you do not have nice things or constructive criticisms to tell people then it’s better to remain silent rather than spread negativity and hate to the world. Like I always say, the aim is for everyone to win👊.

A JAMAICAN MODEL. By: Fiwajomi Photoart.

One thing I have learnt  to do as an artist is to try new things. I have never allowed fear to limit me. For the past one year, I have practiced black and white drawing but I was stunned when half way through my drawing, my client asked if I could make a colored portrait for his girlfriend. I made him understand that I specialize in black and white drawings as portrayed on my social media pages besides I was halfway through with his work so he rested his case.
Knowing the kind of person I am, I love to explore and sojourn the world of creativity so I picked up my pastel pencil which I bought over six months ago and put it to use, creating a colour of my subject’s clothe. The rest is history; I wowed my client as he was surprised to see a mixed medium art of his girlfriend. To draw this pretty model I used a charcoal pencil, vine charcoal, graphite pencil, and coloured pastel pencil on an 18 by 14 inch paper. Oh I forgot to tell you, she is Jamaican and this is my 3rd portrait art to be exported. What more can I say but to say I feel blessed. Never limit yourself, come out of your comfort zone and explore other things you never knew you could do.

Artist: Fiwajomi Photoart.

Josh Art.

Medium: 3b ad 4b on A3 paper.

Medium: Colour pencils and charcoal pencil on A3 paper.

This is a creative work of Josh Art (2018) as he works on perfecting his eyes drawing.



Title: Remake of a Master’s work. 


This artwork is actually a remake of an inspirator’s work.
Medium: Graphite and charcoal on paper.
Duraration: approximately 40 hours.

Title 2: God is in the Details.


Trying to describe how it is the details that bring forth that general beauty that then beholds the eyes. Just like God looking in the details of man which is his heart to see and know the true man, I try to depict that through the painful details of the lady’s attire.
Medium: Graphite and chatting paper.
Duration: approximately 40 to 50 hours.

The art work is done by Eso Arts (2017). You can follow and check out more of the artist’s work on Instagram


Commissioned drawing with the use of graphite and charcoal on catridge paper. The drawing took about a week and a half let’s say 1 hour 30 minutes  everyday to get it completed.

This art piece is an original work of Iroko Samuel.