#YoungArtists: FEAR. By: Onomzy Art.

Medium: Ballpoint pen on alabaster paper.

Duration: 50 hours.

Inspiration: As Nigerians, We feel very insecure in our own country. We live in a country where youths are being forced into slavery, sextrade, drug trafficking, terrorism, theft e.t.c..Killing and kidnapping in every corner of the country. Corruption has already become a part of life in Nigeria.
Terrorism, domestic violence, corruption, injustice – All these words can be heard and felt everywhere in Nigeria.
This causes panic and fear in hearts of citizens.

I hope we all can put off fear and join hands together to build a better Nigerian

Say No to corruption, Terrorism, domestic violence…

Art and article by: Onomzy Art.

#NigerianPhotographers: BEAUTY IN SLEEP: (My Baby Shoot).


Did I tell you that I’m into photography? Well yes, I do a lot of creative photography; In every shoot I take I try to put a touch of art into it.
My niece clocked three months and I decided to have a photo shoot of her. That morning I had my gear on and sped to my sister’s house, somewhere in Ibadan, Nigeria where I was welcomed in such a manner that only my stomach can relate with because I was first feed with a sumptuous meal after which I began to rearrange the living room in order to get a perfect scene for little Ayomikun. Oops! Ayomikun, that’s my niece’s name, she is the most adorable three months old baby you can have; she is camera friendly and meek just like her uncle.
I was set for the shoot and with the assistance of her mother we were able to get some really amazing shots. Although the pictures were all amazing but I hadn’t found the shot I needed; I call it the killer shot and every photographer always looks out for that perfect shot. It was almost evening and our model was getting tired of our paparazzi, she began to cry; she needed to sleep. As she laid in her mother’s arm, I saw a new view, the comfort found in the warmth of a mother’s arm. Ayo was fast asleep, I had picked up my gear and was ready to leave when I saw the peace in her sleep. I immediately unpacked, and asked her mother to lay her down on the bed. We saw the most adorable baby in the world, we saw what it felt like to be young and full of less worries. We saw what it was to be void of pain and hunger. We was a world of peace all in her cute sleeping face. Here we saw the beauty in sleep. Find a baby around you and take a picture of them sleeping. You will also find the beauty I found in sleep.
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#WeAreNigerianCreatives: DO NOT PIXELATE 2. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

The portrait has finally been completed. I feel I can now breathe, after weeks of detailing and strained eyes to achieve a dual portrait (one containing two subjects in it). This time it was a portrait of a family friend. Mummy Sotade had been one of those who encouraged me into embracing my artistic gift a year ago. I still remember after church service, she had said, you have a rare gift, why not embrace it. You see, in life sometimes it isn’t all about money before you sow a seed into the life of a person. A seed of believe and positive words is just what that person needs.

I had drawn Daddy and Mummy Sotade and was about taking it for framing when it struck me that I needed to make this special. Without thinking, I began creating dotted patterns (a risk that could have soiled my portrait because I was using penned paint which was permanent). But one thing I’ve learnt from great men is that, nothing tried nothing learnt. Next I felt the necklace needed more life, so I picked a golden inked pen and also began to paint the necklace. To my amazement my art-piece became alive. You needed to see the smile on my face.

Dear reader, this principles are applicable to our lives. You don’t need to be perfect to become great, you need to try the new things, build your mind and be focus. You need the right people around you,remember you are the average of top five people you associate with. 

Finally. Expand the scope of your imagination, seek wisdom and above all, be everything you imagine, because life in itself is already complicated, don’t make it more complicated by not following your dream.
Art and article by Fiwajomi Tomiwa. 

DO NOT PIXELATE: Part 1. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.


 Pencil and Charcoal on Alabaster Paper. 18’16 inch. Portrait of Mr Tokunbo Sotade
In life, in order to stand out, you must be willing to work hard and smart. This has driven me to try out new technique which involves intensive detailing of my portrait. Knowing that in order to add more value to my artwork I needed to step up my game. So I decided to work on pictures with high resolution so I can extract enough details such has the pore, shadows, highlights and midtones. I was aiming at a more hyper realistic view of my subject, but I have been having mixed views from people who said the cloth looks so real compared to the face. I am still in the process of figuring out how to get an extremely hyper realistic portrait which looks like its original black and white picture. Hope I can achieve more of this in the part two of my ‘’Do Not Pixelate’’ series.
Always remember, if you do not try, you won’t succeed, the worst part of not trying is dying without fulfilling purpose. Find what makes you happy and never stop until it radiates to those around you.

Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa 


All Glory to God that I finally finished this piece. It’s all about practice, patience, persistence, hard work, prayer and the grace of God.

Title : Joy Of Childhood

Medium : Ballpen on alabaster paper(#Birowork)

Size : 16 by 12 inch(A3)

Duration : Approximately 120hrs

Inspiration : The joy of childhood has endless laughter, innocent games, finding life’s delight to enjoy the adventure of a new journey to excitement. Knowing neither grief nor worry, lost in the jolly world, aspiring to build a happy dream world.

Those day’s were so nice; Everyone has a memory of it that can’t be forgotten. I wish I could retrace the steps I’ve trodden, I wish to be a child again *smiles. it was the happiest time but that now can’t be bought.

Joy of childhood, forget not its sweetness.

Behold! The tenderness remains endless.

Content by: Onomzy Art 2018.


The large and active city of Ibadan, is a very peaceful place to reside. However, there are the good and bad days; sometimes traffic gets really slow at the rush hour usually towards the close of the day’s work. I would be sharing some personal experiences on the Ibadan road.

At some point, many of us have come across people on the road begging for alms. Most times, I actually feel sorry for them as they struggle and try to put food on their table. At other times, I get irritated and wonder why people in perfect physical condition cannot get off the streets to do some decent jobs. Then I conclude that a lot of people are just lazy.

The photo above shows a Nigerian youth who uses the traffic congestion to his advantage as he tries to make ends meet by cleaning the windshield of vehicles. Sometimes, these people work so hard trying to earn a living but they end up not making enough income to get themselves a nutricious meal. The case is usually that the average Nigerian motorist just ignores them after they have offered their little but significant service. This could be very frustrating and discouraging which leads many of them to become a nuisance in the society.

Here is another situation.

This photo shows a thug at Oja-Oba area in Ibadan. These guys are aggressive and annoying; they don’t even mind delaying both the driver and passengers in a vehicle. All they are interested in is the rumpled naira notes the drivers slip into their unrefined palms. When they stop vehicles to demand for money, they act like it is their right and should not be denied their entitlement. They are the landlords of the road who have complete body parts and are extremely agile. Instead, of working for a decent living they extort workers who are really hustling to make life good for them. This isn’t a good one on their part and the money they gather from their victims is usually spent on drinks and cigarette. After the whole process they sit at their hide outs complaining that the government is doing nothing to alleviate the problems of the masses.

The government might not be doing so well but we can’t also encourage situations like this.

Let us remember that whatever change we want starts from us as an individual. No one is excluded from this war!

FIWAJOMI’S CREATIVE DIARY: Everyone Says, “He is Handsome”.

The heart of every artist is ignited when one tells them their artwork is amazing, but it was a different case for my recent drawing. The artwork is a 16 by 12 inches portrait of a dashing young man, created with charcoal powder and charcoal pencil. I had only finished drawing the head when I decided to share it online to know people’s reaction towards my work and in a twinkle of an eye a million and one comments flooded my timeline. The content of all the comments were tied around the same meaning as it all read, “he is handsome” or “he is really cute”. At this point I took a moment to look at the reference picture (digital picture) all over again to really find what people where seeing that made them have similar reactions. Yes, he is handsome but trust women will always be extra at giving such compliment. What had happened to the part where they all say, “woahhh your art piece is beautiful?” Well, I became aware of what portrait art really is. Portrait art is essentially done to replicate the image in a way that it can be qualified with words as though it were a living thing. You need to hit the bull’s eye; for every aspiring portrait artist your aim should be to bring your portrait to life.

Written By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa (2018).



A Time will come when you need to make decisions;
No one can take a stand for you.
It would feel like you are all alone in the world and no one actually cares.
You’ll feel like it is just a thin thread holding you from crumbling.
You want to shed tears but your society tells you to be a man; men don’t cry.
How do you escape from this world?
Pressure everywhere,
Your mum wants you to get married.
Dad needs you to work at his company.
Your rent is due and your company is experiencing a setback.
Life is gradually becoming hell on earth.
Where do you run to?
Where do you find solitude?
Are the gods asleep?
Suicide might be a way out
But it definitely isn’t a solution.
I need to face my fears; I might fall a hundred times
but I am not a failure until I decide to quit trying.
I won’t give up on life too soon.
There are still a million and one options I haven’t tried out yet.


I am a woman
I am responsible for the decisions I make,
It affects my unborn children.
When life gives me lemon I make lemonades
And when it gives me kola I make coffee
You are in no position to predict the outcome of my life.
I might me down today but I won’t be down forever
I cry myself to sleep at night but I wake up strong because it’s a new day.
I wear my makeup, get dressed and life goes on.
Never call me weak; never say I can’t because I will.

Artist: Josh Art.

Wordsmith: StacySpeaks.


Illustration by Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

The grass isnt green any longer. It was suppose to be a rich land flowing with milk and honey but these politicians hides their agenda with their smiles and promises while they campaigned for various offices during elections. Life is not all about sharing rice, beans, cooking oil, t-shirts, and caps. Without realizing we’ll need meat for our meals to go down well.

Well, the meat business in the country is still thriving as snakes and monkeys are performing their duties. Let’s make the herdsmen gainfully employed so that they no longer have to slaughter us with open arms.
From kidnapping to SARS, rape, suicide and armed robbery yet we are the giants of Africa.
There is no excuse to commit a crime but even in corruption the police is still your friend.

Another election is here they are waiting for us at that same junction with the same strategy of bean and rice as well as their unending promises. I hope you have your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) because monkeys, snakes and cattles already have theirs. At the 2019 presidential elections our PVC may or may not decide but we’ll know we tried.

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Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.



My week has been so engaging. It’s been an unending journey from drawing to illustrations then nature photoshoots and photoshop. I always wonder what the heavens look like, how beautiful it would be if just the moon, stars and sun already makes the blue sky this pretty. I think you need to have a view of the sky early in the morning, watch how the birds in unity spread their wings and fly around without colliding with each other; what a large sky. I couldn’t help myself, I immediately grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

Quote by: Longfellow. Photo credit: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

It crossed my mind that at 5am these birds were up and had started the days hustle. Some people actually find it normal to still be in bed at hours when they should be working productively. Hunger and poverty has taken over the land, many can no longer afford a three square meal due to their unhealthy planning, actions or inactions. Sometimes it isn’t the witches from our father’s house in the village that causes stagnation. It is sheer laziness and inactivity. Let’s wake up from our slumber, fasten our belts while we are still young. You have a role to play in building your future. Learn a lesson or two from nature, from the birds of the air, the ants and the Lilly by the riverside. The right timing is key to achieving success. Wake up and do that which needs to be done.

Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.