DURATION: 100hrs

MEDIUM: Graphite and charcoal on archival paper

INSPIRATION: This work shows a man which represents a nation fighting (as implied by the bandana on his forehead used by badasses in action movies).

It also features 36 small drawings in a map of each Nigerian state, with some representing the problems in the nation Nigeria and the other maps represent people and actions that have contributed to solving Nigeria’s problem.

About The Artist

Osunkiyesi Williams Oluwatosin  is a medical student of Bowen University, who is passionate about art..
He aims to capture details on his subjects which are personally photographed by him in an attempt to convey an important message to the public.




Artwork by Oluwatosin
Duration: 120hrs
Medium: Graphite and charcoal on archival paper
Inspiration: According to a quote,  The mind is the place where all the important answers lie..
The artwork  encourages us to sink deep within, think and use our minds to generate answers to the problems surrounding us or we encounter in our daily lives.
About The Artist: Osunkiyesi Williams Oluwatosin is a medical student of Bowen University who is passionate about art.
He aims at capturing details on his subjects which are personally photographed by him in an attempt to convey an important message to the public.
Connect with the artist on social media:
Instagram:  _thosine
Twitter:  _thosine

#NigerianArtists: OLD AGE. By: Bewaji Mayowa.

All thanks to God Almighty, I finally finished this great piece.

Title: Old Age
Medium: blue ballpoint pen on paper,
Duration: 180 hours,
Size: 19/14 inches
Inspiration: Old age is perplexing to imagine in part, because the definition of it is notoriously unstable. As people age, they tend to move the goalposts that marks out major life stages.
By the process of time, second form year, by the phenomenon of will mission cross purpose. Nothing lasts longer without changes, there must be an off process.
Fresh tomato is tomato paste, cow was once a calf, my grandfather has my view years ago.
Old age, contour of wrinkles, smooth loss of face, weak strength, less effort, diverse of symptoms.
Old age, full prayer, long advice, quality of hope, timely cough, expectant of death, by the way, longer sleep.
Law of diminished returns at old age, man do as they have done before.
The stage one recalls and writes full content of the spent project of life.
Have you also thought about it that, it’s inevitable, no matter how you keep fit, old age is paramount.
“…only the aged can tell what the eyes have seen”
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I am Bewaji Mayowa; check out more of my works on Instagram @benjima_art.

PRE-WEDDING ART. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

Artist: Fiwajomi PhotoArt.

When I decided to name my company Fiwajomi PhotoArt, I had wild imaginations of merging photography and art to create beautiful art piece using both medium. It has taken me over a year to master these skills and am still a million miles away. However, every step I take leads me in the right direction. Few months back a friend asked me to take his pre-wedding shoot and it was such an amazing experience. After completing the shoot and editing, he saw impressed at the result and asked me to do a commissioned art piece for him. It came out awesome, you can be the judge of that 😉😉😉.

Medium: Pencil and Charcoal on paper 24 by 28 Inches.
7th June 2018 is his big day and your favorite photographer would be capturing every moment; now that’s FIWAJOMIPHOTOART…be everything you imagine.

To my dear friend @obalowo thanks for the privilege.

#Art: THE BOTTLED LEOPARD. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.


Art by Fiwajomi PhotoArt

Medium: Pastel on Pastel Paper 12*18 inch

This is not the original cover art of the famous book ‘’The Bottled Leopard’’ written by Chukwemeka Ike but it’s more like a throw back to the books we read as children that subconsciously developed our creativity which cannot be ignored. Literature and Art are intertwined and bear so much similarity which reveals how deep and vast we Africans are and how we are deeply connected to our heritage.
Although the western culture as taken over us and their religion ‘Christianity’’ has shown us a better way of living, yet we can’t ignore the fact that we are spiritual being connected to our roots via diverse means.

Written by Fiwajomi Tomiwa.


    Artist: Ademola Kupoluyi

Medium: Graphite pencil on white cardboard
Duration: 2 days
Model: Ayo stitches


#NaturePhotography: IGNORED BEAUTY(Flowers). By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

Shot by: Fiwajomi PhotoArt.

I had passed this same route a couple of times on the way to my house. This beautiful flower could be easily identified as it surrounds a coconut tree but I never noticed it’s existence until that day. Guess I had never really paid attention to it’s beauty before now; it’s purple color makes it stand out among the other green leaves and brown stems around it. The remnants of the morning dew fades off quickly from the flower adding to it’s beauty. Then I asked myself, “how come I never noticed this?” Probably because it’s quite small or just blossoming. That’s the irony of life, beauty lies around us, we pass by them, trample upon them, and even when they call for our attention we quietly ignore them just because they don’t have the looks, physic or shape of what we want.
Be open hearted and expand your horizon, love within and then love around, love far yet love deep, for God has placed around you everything you need to beautify your life.

Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa

#NaturePhotography: STAND OUT AND SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE. By: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

Many times, we try to fit into the crowd, not being happy with the way we are, not trying to be unique and trying something new. To often we seek other people’s opinion before taking steps that make us happy and satisfied.

M.I Abaga emphasized in his song titled, ‘Crowd Mentality’, that the need not to follow the crowd and history has its records inscribed in gold plate the names of great men who became immortal due to their exploit here on earth. Standing out can be daunting at times and you might even receive some backlash from those close to you. However, everyone has a unique selling point that can’t be purchased anywhere else. YOU ARE THE STRENGTH TO SOMEONES ELSES DEFICIENCY.

So lets take a look at what makes you unique, is it your skintone, your body size, your accent or even the career you have chosen.

You see, if this newly blossoming flower had remained pink and not produced a yellow flower, I wouldn’t have noticed its beauty. So be yourself, standout and let the world see how beautiful you are.

…and above all, be everything you imagine

Instagram: @fiwajomiphotoart.


Shot by: Fiwajomi PhotoArt

If you’ve been following up on my column, you must have realized what turns me on and what put me off. For me, creativity makes me go crazy while the norm sends me to an asylum. I have seen great artworks and pictures, but those that steal the moment are not usually created with the best tools but are those born out of wide imaginations. To stand out and cave your niche you must be willing to step beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and channel a new course for yourself. 99% of my creations are born out of desire to do something great, unique and of good quality. Someday I hope I take shots while jumping from a skyscraper with a parachute to capture an aerial view of whatever lies beneath me; I hope to take amazing pictures of what lies underneath the deep blue sea.
We all have within us the spirit to invent, to become more than we are now. We all have the capacity to be great, to leave our names on the pages of history. We all have the ability to impact other people’s lives, to love one another so much that we eradicate hate. If the norm of our society is what has kept us in this state then we have to open that box of creativity, the box of love and affection to reach out to each other. We all to start thinking outside the BOX.
Fiwajomi PhotoArt…be everything you imagine.
Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa 2018.
Follow him on Instagram @fiwajomiphotoart


#WeAreNigerianCreatives : WIZKID PORTRAIT. By: Ademolaa.

Medium: Charcoal on tonned paper
Duration: 30 days
Year: 2018
Title: Drawing of WizKid
Social media: @ademolaa_