SEEKING FOR ALMS. By: StacySpeaks.


It has become the order of the day. An insect creeping into the minds of people. Nothing good comes easy yet you want your life to be milky🍦🍦🍦. How do you explain that on your way to work daily, you are stopped by a well-dressed young looking man at the […]


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Forgiveness is hard! I’m about 20 and I’ve seen a lot of things happen, I’ve heard a lot of betrayal stories and for a while I just will say forgive and forget the way the bible says it. I for once never took time to digest or imagine what pain […]


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Men are scum. This is what past experiences taught me. There was a man who slept with me and left me almost immediately afterwards and another made me believe he liked me and then toyed with my feelings afterwards.😖😖😖 There was a man who called me an idiot merely because […]



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MISSED OPPORTUNITY 3. By: Adeshina Peter.


The people of Ogaranya land have always been ruled by members of a noble family called “Ebube”. All sons of Ebube were taught, from childhood, the essence of leadership and the importance of carrying the love of the people in their hearts. It is no wonder that the family never […]

Cakes & Ribbons.


Cakes & Ribbons presents to you a special Valentines day offer. Suprise your lover, friends and family with lovely chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes, fruit cakes and cupcakes on Valentines day. Special delivery to Ibadan and Oyo on the 14th of February 2018. For enquires contact: 08146432221 or 09052299989 Be […]

“Don’t go into a business because you feel there is a lot of money in such  business else that will be the beginning of the downfall of that business”. Bolanle Oladunni, CEO of GG-Touch Makeup Artistry.


Who do we have here? I am Omobolanle Oladunni a 400 level student of the Department of Business Administration in Bowen University. Can you tell us about yourself? I am the last child among four children. I have my dad, mum, two sisters, a brother and my humble self. I’ll […]



In advertising knowing the audience is the first step to achieving a successful advert campaign and this applies to taking exams. It is very important as a student to know who your lecturer is, what he wants, how he wants his questions to be approached. We read for exams with […]

“Business Is Not As Sweet and Easy As Everyone Thinks It Is”. Personality Interview with Phaviesparks.

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*Can we meet you? I‘m Favour Samuel, a graduate from the Department of English Language in Bowen University. I am an entrepreneur; I make ankara crafts. *What kind of Ankara crafts do you make? I make Ankara and jean bags, foot wears and accessories. Although I use more of Ankara […]

A DAY OF MY LIFE IN 2030. By: Mojola.

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         My alarm wakes me up on a very beautiful Saturday morning at 6:00am as usual with Katy Perry’s popular song titled, ‘Wide Awake’. Unlike every other day, I wake up with an infusion of extremity in joy and enthusiasm not just because the weather is lovely […]

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