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Every passing night seemed short and I felt deprived of enough rest as the soldier blew the beagle loudly and every Corper in all corners of the camp began to bleed out of their hostels. After the praise, worship and prayer session everyday, a representative of each platoon came forth […]

DIARY OF A KEBBI CORPER Episode 2. By: StacySpeaks.

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  The hostel didn’t look so bad after all but having stepped into my room which almost looked like a hall I stood to count how many bunks were there just to have an idea of how many people I’ll be stuck with for the three weeks ahead. 22 bunks […]


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I needed a change of environment, something new; but didn’t envisage that the organisers of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) were secretly listening to me. I registered for the programme through their portal; I was super excited and counted myself among the lucky Nigerians who would be called for […]


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#TravelLog: I WORE A SWEATER IN JUNE. By: Koreey.


So, I just got home from school and my dad goes, “give me your passport”,  I mean he didn’t take a moment to explain but I handed it over. Two days later, he gets home and goes “you have to pack a few things, we are going to South Africa for five days… […]

#Lifestyle: LINES, PATTERNS AND COINCIDENCE. By Mofe Abimbolu.


For about a whole straight week, I observed a pattern of activities which coincidentally took place every morning. Normal: I wake up, go to ease myself, see my room mate using his phone, lying down in the same position and he greets me in the same words. The pattern: Now […]

#ThisIsNigeria: THE YAHOO TALE. By: Ordeezy.


The street taught me to be happy during good and bad times To share my pain with friends during the day and night times. The streets also taught me that easy money is good money My friends, with latest designers and hottest girls in the hood I’m a laughing stock […]

#SpokenWords: CHRISTIANITY. By: Nacre.


I know of a lady She’s beautiful, pure and perfect Full of every good, Whose humility is deep and true She has always dreamt to be Amazed with glowing colors But now full of pain She’s being abuse Her dignity vanished in one night On the tabs of heart is […]

#NigerianWriters: IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. Final Episode.


Previously on It’s A Man’s World Episode 9 My hands shivered with anxiety; it was time for my judgement. I opened the door gently; I had prayed to the God who my mother had always taught me to believe in and I was prepared for the worst. Everyone was seated with […]

#NigerianCreatives: CASTLES IN THE AIR. By: Oche_Writes.


And as the rear door of the black bulletproof limousine was slowly swung open, the resounding screams quickly made way to his ears as he stealthily peered through the open space to stare at the crowd that gallantly cheered his name. Immediately, smiles adorned the face of Emeka as he […]

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