Those Memories, Live Them Now! By: StacySpeaks.


Before the death of Kobe Bryant, I had no idea who he was; I bet I wasn’t the only one in the dark because I heard the whispers of other social media users. Some called him a musician and the most hilarious one said he was one of the guys […]

19 Lessons From The Previous Year. By: StacySpeaks.

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It’s been a moment since the last time you heard from me, I’m absolutely sorry about that and I really won’t give excuses this time. Well, I’m back like I never left; I also failed to greet you compliments of the season and happy new year. Thanks for sticking around […]

Underwear Can Be Smart Too! By: Theresa Ogar.


The wisdom of underwear seems amiss in a good number of people these days as underwear is worn or exhibited as part of the outfit. Let us get it though, underwear is an item of clothing worn beneath the outfit for protection, comfort, and ‘packaging’. Dissecting the compound name ”underwear”- […]

It’s Okay To Feel Vulnerable; A Chat with Emmanuel Odunfa.

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Hi, welcome to, a home for creatives and a relaxation spot for those who can’t get enough of great content. I am StacySpeaks your host and a diehard fan of yours. I will love you to introduce yourself to my friends reading this and help them get to know […]

Love Is Red, Anger Is Red Too. By: Asikpata David.


I’m trying to open up my heart. Trying to see what’s left of it. Trying to ask why did you go, but it just seems like you are really deaf. It’s hard to let these words roll off my tongue, but how is it that you don’t even care. All […]

Conversation Cafe: Mental Illness and Your Village People.

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Mental Illness and Your Village People

4 Minutes. By: N. Ubani.


Time seemed to stop for a moment, the much grueling fifteen minutes wait was finally over; the lecturer, Mr Damian signaled me to grace his presence with my much awaited presentation on the topic, ‘Restoration Theatre’. It was finally my time to shine. I stepped forward; eyes glaring, blood pumping, […]

A Migrant’s Journey Towards Achieving Academic Excellence. By: Sophia O. Ketiku.


Sophia O. Ketiku, an alumna of the University of Huddersfield shares her experience in the past 5 years as a migrant and foreign student. In her book, she makes us realize that we own our life and can get what we desire if only we focus, plan ahead and work […]

Kemi Smallz, Roo Boy, Njideka, Others Attend ADEOLUWA’s Private Album Listening Party.


R&B singer, ADEOLUWA, recently held an early listening party for his debut album – After Bells and Whistles – set for release in August 10. Artistes, contributors and gentlemen and women of the press and fans of the R&B singer converged at Bourbon House Café, Lagos, for the listening party […]

This Might Just Be You Too. By: StacySpeaks.


This is to all ladies trying to get themselves in shape but struggling with exercising, you are going to be alright!

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