I cannot forget that evening, the ‘uncool kids’ were sitting down after the Luke Hall show. At the time, Omologo Entertainment had been birthed with me as its CEO and three other resourceful men on my team. One of them (Tijani) came up with an idea of an award show that has excellence as its focus while still bringing a good time to the students of Bowen University.

We bought the idea almost immediately and started working on it. Being an entertainment company, we needed an online platform to showcase our ideas. We picked The Art of Ade, told him about the idea and both enterprises (Omologo Entertainment and the Art of Ade) were responsible for the execution of the First edition of the Bowen University Crown Awards.

With the help of God and the partnering of both enterprises, the first edition of the Bowen University Crown Awards was launched on May 14, 2017 which featured Mayorkun a fast rising Nigerian artist in the industry. Omologo Entertainment made extreme efforts both in ensuring the artist’s presence and fulfilling other financial responsibilities. The edition attracted people from all works of life including some of the University’s principal officers. With the huge success of the first edition, there was the zeal to make the award show a yearly event in Bowen University. In preparation for the second edition we had taken some precautions. 

With the success of the first edition in sight, came the plan to organise a second edition. The management of Omologo Entertainment started pushing for the second edition with the help of some members of The Art of Ade.

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A music artist had to be booked and nominations had to commence in earnest. Partners were sought for and brands within the school began to indicate their interest. Amidst all these arrangements, the Art of Ade decided to pull out of the journey a day to the commencement of nominees voting without any satisfactory explanation. That notwithstanding, the house is not divided and Omologo Entertainment retaining the leadership of the Bowen University Crown Awards came up with the idea of Instagram voting which has now sat well with most nominees and voters alike.

The voting commenced on April 14, 2018 and will come to an end on May 6, 2018. The management together with other skillfull  partners are still in the process of presenting to Bowen University the most anticipated award show in the History of the school and it promises to be very entertaining as a surprise guest who the management has booked cannot wait to be unveiled. Bowen University is not ready for the wave that is about to hit it.

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Written by: CEO Omologo Entertainment.

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