Blind Poacher.

We have heard and seen so much that has threatened our wildlife and it continues till this day. It makes us feel our voices aren’t loud and our words aren’t heard. But can our expressions and actions be seen? If our actions and expressions could turn positive then the illegal poachers should be for us and then stop illegal wildlife trading lest we ask: ARE THE POACHERS BLIND? OR HAVE THEY TURNED INTO GODDESS? And YES, this artistic piece has the theme #wildlifeforlife, by illustrating the blind eyes poachers have turned blind face to #helpsaveaspecies platform majorly because of their state of “grandeur”. As this piece attempts in encouraging worldwide awareness and action, it also serves as a tool with the #WED2016 platform in pronouncing the STOP AGAINST ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE. It is aimed at conserving our biodiversity-rich wildlife #Rhinos #Pangolins #Anteaters #Elephants #Apes.
My take is of positive artistic action for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates exponential positive impact on the planet.

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Keywords: acrylic, painting, wildlife, contemporary art, Akanji, mortality.

Subjects: Mortality.

Styles: Fine Art.

Mediums: Acrylics 

This piece is written and designed by Akanji 2017.

Author: stacyspeaks

Creativity feeds my soul.

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