StacySpeaks’ 365 Days Of Writing: Day 4.

It was about 5 weeks to the end of the semester, that spelt doom for me; not that I was unprepared for exams but because I had spent every passing day trying to remain unnoticed in my slightly populated lecture hall. However, it was now time to stand before all as I defend my class project, in the presence of my lecturer who I think I’m in love with. Anyway, I made a plan which I thought was perfect! You might think I suffer glossophobia but I don’t and it’s absolutely beyond what you think. I’ve fallen in love with him since the first day he taught us; his speech is clean, spotless and well built body, nice hair cut and his grey hair is everything. I’m sure he spent quite some time standing before the mirror combing each strand of hair on his face, I mean his eyebrows turned me on.

I had made sure I passed every test and class work just to impress him but I still went unnoticed so I hope my plan pans out well! The time came and I limped to the stage with my file and a bottle of water in my hand before I could look up to take the next step, he had walked close to me and said slowly, “Are you sure you can do this right now?” I looked him in the eye and muttered something in between yes and no; I am not sure what it was but I know that I had collapsed almost immediately. I fell in his arms just as planned but I wasn’t faking it this time. I think he carried me to the health center and stayed close by till I gained consciousness. Our eyes locked into each other’s again, his brown eyes glowed.

He asked if I was alright saying, “I wonder what could have been wrong with you because the doctors are still trying to diagnose the nature of your illness, you are my best student and it’s not the best time to be indisposed. I noticed you even when you thought you were hiding”. We both laughed as he held my hand and waved bye then said, “Get well soon as I can’t wait to see how much work you’ve put into your project”.

As I write to you, I can only say that I had played my penalty into throwing because I would be right before him tomorrow morning after I get discharged making a substandard presentation which would certainly disappoint him.

©StacySpeaks 2019



DURATION: 100hrs

MEDIUM: Graphite and charcoal on archival paper

INSPIRATION: This work shows a man which represents a nation fighting (as implied by the bandana on his forehead used by badasses in action movies).

It also features 36 small drawings in a map of each Nigerian state, with some representing the problems in the nation Nigeria and the other maps represent people and actions that have contributed to solving Nigeria’s problem.

About The Artist

Osunkiyesi Williams Oluwatosin  is a medical student of Bowen University, who is passionate about art..
He aims to capture details on his subjects which are personally photographed by him in an attempt to convey an important message to the public.




Happy New Year Esteemed Reader! We are here to serve you better.

DIARY OF A KEBBI CORPER. Episode 6: A Solitary Christmas. By: StacySpeaks.

It was all fun and games after my folks convinced me to attend my convocation in November 2018; with the Ted talks that, “you know convocation only happens once in a lifetime except you’ll be going for a second degree; you can’t afford to miss it. In fact, the truth is that after that day you won’t see many of your friends and mates again”.
I weighed my options, considered sitting in a tight vehicle for 14 hours, likely to forfeit spending Christmas with my family which initially sounded like a joke to me until now.

My convocation gown looked good on me

My not more than 11 days at home was the definition of, ‘enjoy yourself while it lasts’. I visited everyone within my reach because I was bracing up for a Christmas without them but it still hurts that I was unable to visit my dad because I just couldn’t bear an extra 5 hours on the road to get to him.
All along I had been praying for strength and a change of heart, hoping for the will to embark on another 14 hours trip to celebrate Christmas with my family the usual way but my mind remains fixed on not hitting that road from Kebbi to Ibadan for the 7th time this year.

The journey makes me look old and worn out.

They told me but I refused to see things the way they did. They told me that I will be bored, lonely, very bored and very lonely but I didn’t want to see my solitary Christmas as ugly as they made it look. I plan to make the best use of everyday; I’ll work towards rounding off my online courses and other uncompleted projects before entering into the new year. I’ll eat well, sleep when I have to, watch movies as I chew some peanuts since I can’t get popcorn around, I’ll love every moment as it comes and just be happy.

I’m all out to be happy!

My roommate has already started her holiday and it’s the fourth day of my journey towards a solitary Christmas. I promise you that I’ll be happy. Credit alerts from my bank account will really be an energy giving food for me at times like this but please it would hurt my soul if all I get this season is a couple of Christmas trees sent to me via social media.

Writer: StacySpeaks 2018


Artwork by Oluwatosin
Duration: 120hrs
Medium: Graphite and charcoal on archival paper
Inspiration: According to a quote,  The mind is the place where all the important answers lie..
The artwork  encourages us to sink deep within, think and use our minds to generate answers to the problems surrounding us or we encounter in our daily lives.
About The Artist: Osunkiyesi Williams Oluwatosin is a medical student of Bowen University who is passionate about art.
He aims at capturing details on his subjects which are personally photographed by him in an attempt to convey an important message to the public.
Connect with the artist on social media:
Instagram:  _thosine
Twitter:  _thosine

THE MAD MAN. By: Ayomide Fasedu.

The madman is my friend
He speaks of life before he met his friends
An adventrous world where he laid on gold
A world of joy with never ending happiness
A world where he thought could always be him
Then it crashed

I tell the tale of the madman as his journey began
Like a twist his life became a circus
He runs naked and laughs at his reflection
A stain on the earth
A child born to lead turned to a slave sleeping in dirt
In his insanity he lost all forms of sanity
Now his echos are heard around the world but his location unknown

I write my story to the madman for he is brave
He doesn’t hide but he is never seen in plain sight
He doesn’t try to please the snakes that roam this earth
My story wasnt the worst but it sure had its own crack on the wall
An endless pit of turmoil that would make a man run mad
Yet the madman laughed as he heard my tale as amusement became his mood

At first i cried as i poured my heart out
Then the music began and i laughed with my friend in the cave
Though we had lost all hope we laughed at everything that made us hurt
And each pain eased as each laughter bloomed
Now i never doubt the mad man for he was once sane before the world made him loose sanity
And while loosing sanity i held his hands and followed him to the world of colours
Now tell me if i too became mad or i found the one thing i craved in sanity
©Ayomide Fasedu.

Photo credit: Google Chrome Images


I know the man in white.
Some believe he’s an angel in human skin,
Many call him Father.
I know the man in white.
He helped my village, he built hospitals,
He fed the poor and built schools.
I know the man in white.
He promised to help my father by taking me,
I would see the white man’s land and I would become great.
I know the man in white.
He would defile me every night,
Sometimes I find it hard to walk.
My body trembles and tears run down my face.
I know the man in white.
I dare not tell a soul, no one would believe me,
I would disappoint my father.
I will die soon,
I’m charged for murder.
It hurts so bad I couldn’t endure any longer.
Now I’m a criminal, I have blood in my hands.
All because of the man in white.
Written by: Ordeezy 2018.
Photo credit: Google Chrome Images.


The first ever Ilorin Digital Summit took place on the 15th of September 2018 with over 600 people in attendance and was put together by Yemisi Ajeojo a social entrepreneur and Corps member who is passionate about youth empowerment, community development and growing small businesses.

Yemisi Ajeojo, the convener of the summit.

When asked her motivation for putting the project together, she said, “In my 7 months in Kwara State as a Corps member, I have come to realise that Kwara State has over 10 higher institutions which accounts for approximately 60,000 new students intake yearly. In addition, at least 7000 young people are posted to serve in the state yearly. This is a target audience that is capable of greatly influencing the employment sector and influencing the economic trajectory of the state.

However, there are not a lot of opportunities in place for this young people to productively engage themselves. Also, this target audience with the ability to significantly affect the economy are unaware of how to leverage digital platforms to create employment for themselves, tap into already existing employment and even promote their current business to a wider audience. 

The event had key people in both the digital media and tech sector coming from different parts of the country to share their knowledge and experience on how young people and small business owners can leverage on digital platforms to sustain their livelihoods and even create more streams of income for themselves. Formidable organizations leveraged on the event to provide discounted and even free training to acquire skills relevant to the digital workplace as well as to provide job opportunities.  Companies such as Payant, Dot, Cowrywise, Efiko, Google and Facebook were represented.The summit started with a keynote speech by Dr Muritala Awodun who is the current executive chairman of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) and Dean of Kwara State University School of Business and Governance. Dr. Awodun shared about how digital platforms provides opportunities to solve both under-employment and unemployment.  In addition to his keynote speech, he also gave every attendee one of his books on entrepreneurship for free.

One of the esteemed speakers at the Ilorin Digital Summit.

Topics that were covered by other speakers included: How to grow personal finance with digital tools, How to build a profitable online business in our most preferred niche. How to use digital platforms to promote personal brand, How to leverage payment platforms for more income and so on.Participants at the event said they never thought something this great could happen in Ilorin and the event has really opened their eyes and mind to more opportunities to be productive.To further improve the lives of people and even the economy of the state, the organizer plans to create a digital community (Ilorin Digital Community) that will not only enable people gain digital skills in various sectors, but also monetize these skills and tap into the various opportunities that the digital economy provides.

To support or find out more about the Ilorin Digital Community, please contact

Written by: Yemisi Ajeojo 2018

Download ‘El-Shaddai’ by: AY Praise ft Spaceman.

Download EL-SHADDAI by AY Praise ft Spaceman

This beat was produced by Sir Josh, mixed and mastered by el-seske production.

HEAL ME, HEAL US. By: StacySpeaks.

Many of us are sick but unaware
Sick because that’s what defines our society
Sick even when we look, feel and eat healthy.
Yes even the medical practitioners are sick; their case is worse because they were trained by sick people to heal us of ailments they also suffer from. I know it sounds crazy but I’m not done yet.

Our education system is sick,
How do you explain giving a tuber of yam and a live chicken as a gift to the best graduating student of a school? Yet you tell me it’s not sickening; just hold on.

Politicians are even sickle cell patients; how would you register for only English in NECO and your result comes out as 7 credits and 1 pass meanwhile you had an F in the subject you even registered for… I’m choking, I need some air.


Our parents tell us about how they were virgins till their wedding night but how come two months later you were born? Aren’t we sick? Guess honesty could heal us somehow.
The earlier we let ourselves know how sick we are and begin to search for medications, the better for you and us.

Purge us of this insanity, restore our minds, heal our thoughts and stop all these lies. Stop telling your children you always came first position during your youthful days in a bid to get them serious with their academics; many of them need encouragement not deceit, support not backlash, love not abuse. You’ve been warned for the 150th time!

Written by: StacySpeaks 2018