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“Life they say is wide which entails many lessons”. This little article is my opinion on the impression people have concerning University of Osun (UNIOSUN).

Never base things on assumption. I usually say, ” Assumption is the greatest mistake”. Never reach a conclusion listening to a side of the story or coming to a conclusion based on a one sided information. 

Being an alumni of a University means you should be proud of that institution. Find out what is happening in your school before judging the system (management, lecturers, students etc).  You should be able to constructively defend the school anywhere in the world; it is really sad that many do not do this.
Always remember that,  “when you are too big to serve then you are too small to lead”. We all have a certain amount of time to spend on this campus. Lets learn to drop our pride, respect our leaders. You might be older than them but for the fact that they are in a higher position than you then you must respect them.
Lectures are people of dignity and great personalities. They  are fathers and mothers to main as well as role models to half of the students on Ikire campus. We value our lectures. 

I want to commend the efforts of student leaders who held the protest against the allegation, you’ve all done well. I pray your heart desires are granted.

For details on the controversial Unison student reaction check out:

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“Free Dr Sesan, We Were Only Catching Fun During Theatre – Uniosun Students React To Viral Video” link

“Free Dr Sesan, We Were Only Catching Fun During Theatre”- Uniosun Students React To Viral Video

Com. Abioye Abdullah
Nasels 300 level

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