A Time will come when you need to make decisions;
No one can take a stand for you.
It would feel like you are all alone in the world and no one actually cares.
You’ll feel like it is just a thin thread holding you from crumbling.
You want to shed tears but your society tells you to be a man; men don’t cry.
How do you escape from this world?
Pressure everywhere,
Your mum wants you to get married.
Dad needs you to work at his company.
Your rent is due and your company is experiencing a setback.
Life is gradually becoming hell on earth.
Where do you run to?
Where do you find solitude?
Are the gods asleep?
Suicide might be a way out
But it definitely isn’t a solution.
I need to face my fears; I might fall a hundred times
but I am not a failure until I decide to quit trying.
I won’t give up on life too soon.
There are still a million and one options I haven’t tried out yet.


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I am a woman
I am responsible for the decisions I make,
It affects my unborn children.
When life gives me lemon I make lemonades
And when it gives me kola I make coffee
You are in no position to predict the outcome of my life.
I might me down today but I won’t be down forever
I cry myself to sleep at night but I wake up strong because it’s a new day.
I wear my makeup, get dressed and life goes on.
Never call me weak; never say I can’t because I will.

Artist: Josh Art.

Wordsmith: StacySpeaks.

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