“ART IS OXYGEN FOR ME; IT’S MORE LIKE A DISEASE”. A Personality Interview with Janet’s Art.


Can we meet you?
I am Janet Temitope Adegoke a 400 level student of the Department of Anatomy in Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria.
What is your brand name and what do you do?
For now my brand name is ‘Janet’s Art’ but might be changed in future. I am an artist in progress. I am still training myself.
What type of art do you draw?
I see art as a wide ocean, I started with cartoons and anime but as at today I have worked on different forms of art which include; silhouette art, cartoon, anime, geometric art, henna art, mandala, micro art, anatomy illustrations, womens fashion illustrations, science drawings, calligraphy, abstract art, motif art. I am not into painting. Most artists pick one form of art then specialise in it but I am teaching myself a whole lot through practise because I love art and the fulfilment it brings. This year alone I have been able to  practice 7 forms of art and I still hope to learn comic art soon.

One of my complementary notebook art.

What gave you the conviction that you should start Janet’s art notebook?
Janet’s art notebook has been a dream since I was in secondary school. I didn’t want people to just have common 60 leaves notebooks; I wanted them to use note books designed by me. Then it was just a desire but I wasn’t sure of myself but this year I had an experience that almost took my life and this prompted me to showcase my talent to the world. Four hours to my birthday this year I was almost knocked down by a trailer. Immediately I came to the consciousness that I am still alive, I said to myself that what if I had died, is that how I wouldn’t have left any mark on earth? I would have taken my talent along with me to the grave and that would have been a waste. After this experience I learned that life is a gift, a privilege that should not be taken for granted. I was always scared that what if after drawing, people don’t appreciate my work but I had to overcome this fear in order to come out of my shell.

Did you take any professional art training classes?
No, I haven’t professionally learnt art; I just draw and practise on my own. I have been drawing since JSS 1, this is my 12th year as an artist; I am a product of perseverance and practise. When I see something, curiosity takes over me, I begin to ask myself, can I do this? How did someone draw this art? It all starts with an attempt which either comes out well or not then I learn from my mistakes. To me I don’t really think I am talented. I feel it is 2% talent and 98% practise, hard work and God’s grace.

How long does it take you to get one book art done?
I recently started my notebook art and the time frame of the art depends on how complex the entire design is. For now I try to make it very simple. I can spend about 3 hours designing a book or start one then leave it half way to do other books before returning to complete the work. So really it does not have a time frame attached to it.
What is the highest number of books you’ve done in a day?
Well, most times I draw the pencil outline of the design first before filling it with the design and colour. So the highest number of pencil outline I have done in a day is 55 note books.

Janet’s art notebook collection.

Since you are an art lover, why didn’t you study something related to it, why did you go for Anatomy?
Actually, I want to be a medical doctor. I applied for medicine at Bowen University but there was no more admission space in the Department of Medical Sciences I was allowed to choose between Anatomy and Physiology so I chose Anatomy. Art is oxygen for me; art allows me to breathe fresh air, in fact, it’s more like a disease. I always find myself drawing or designing even in church during Sunday School *laughs*. So no matter what I study there is always a place for art in my life.
What is your vision for your brand?
I have a lot of art dreams but I’ll share a few with you. I want to have an arts and crafts children school where I would teach children arts and they have the opportunity to express themselves creatively. I love children a lot and I want them to know that life isn’t all about going to school and reading big textbooks. These days’ people make money from their passion and craft not necessarily what they studied in school. There are some children out there who want to be actors but their parents wont let them because they want the kids to become doctors and lawyers. Who says artists, tailors, make-up artists, carpenters are not rich? This is not a joke at all. I want to train young artists to develop their passion in art. I would also have a bookstore like a gallery where I can display my note book art as well.
What motivates you to draw?
A lot of things motivate me but first I am motivated by curiosity and self-challenge. Sometimes I’ll be on my bed about to sleep and I’ll suddenly jump up to get a pen and paper to draw something that catches my attention. My roommates and friends think I have a problem but I can assure you that I am normal but in love with the challenge that art brings *laughs*. Other people’s art works also motivates me to do more. I also feel that God has given us our talents to bless other people with it so I use my drawings and designs to bring joy to people’s heart.

In future do you plan to get a job in your profession or turn your hobby into a job?
I really want to do both simultaneously. I want to be a Medical doctor but I am still asking God for direction. I might go further to study medicine or become a lecturer then I can do my art during my leisure time. The future is very broad so I won’t limit myself.
Have you ever thought of having an art exhibition?
Presently I have not reached the stage to organise an exhibition of my art works but I ll have a gallery where people can come to have a clear view of all my note book art before they select the one they wish to buy.
What materials do you use for your note book art?
I use biro, board markers, permanent markers, different types of pencils and coloured pens. I don’t use paint because I haven’t really tried paint art. There is this feeling I get when I place my pen on paper so I don’t see myself using paint. I also use white plain hard book cover for the note book art.

What advice do you have for people with creative ideas that have not gone ahead to showcase their talent or skills?
It is a normal thing to be scared when you start something but fear becomes a problem when it starts having power over you and limiting your potentials. Everyone gets scared at one point in our lives but the difference between a winner and failure is their determination to push forward. You will definitely fall, you’ll be criticized but do not sit and cry over it because great people also make mistakes but they accept and learn from their errors. You have only one life to live. Every day, ask yourself that if you should die tomorrow would you feel fulfilled with the life you have lived on earth? Do not be scared of criticism; instead see criticism as fertilizer that will make you grow. It helps you to know your weakness and perform better. No matter how good you are, expect people to criticize you but make sure you do not let it bring you down. In fact criticize yourself before people see your errors. Do not let compliments get to your head because there is always room for improvement in everything you do.

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These are some of Janet’s art notebook:


You can follow her on instagram @bowing_hearts

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  1. This is beautiful, very impressive Tope, The Lord who has given you this vision will enlarge your through it. Keep at it my love.

  2. Janet my dear, art is our way of expressing ourselves in a way only we truly understand. Keep doing what u do and before long you’ll see yourself where u wanna be. Love u lots……

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