ART EXPLAINS LIFE. By: Fiwajomi Cupid Tomiwa.

Reference Portrait.

Fiwajomi’s Artwork.

Have you ever heard of anyone born great? Have you seen any artist who was perfect at his first drawing? Well we might have a few who showed attributes of greatness, but without investing time and resources into it, they wouldn’t have attained sure heights of greatness.

Art involves having a goal, desire and finding ways of reaching your set goals. Every artist has a goal and a guide to reach their goal. As a portrait artist, my goal is to draw with precision and near reality, so I have my reference picture as a guide and the tools required to draw. Drawing with details requires loads of patience and focus. Art cannot be rushed, it is gradual; you keep building layers and toning to get the desired outcome.

The same can be applied to life. The best things in life don’t come by sleeping and dreaming, but by having a vision, writing it down and getting the right tools to achieve these goals. Art isn’t magic but following a set of procedures either laid down or created by the artist, thus you can find your own part or follow laid down patterns. It is advisable to have mentors before you delve into creating your styles. This will help you achieve your set goals easily. I didn’t have real life mentors, but I looked at people’s post online. I was after achieving a realistic look and ten months after my first drawing, I got people asking me if my drawings are hand drawn or a computer design.

I hope we’ve learnt a lesson from my write-up which can be applied to real life scenario.
Success is not a days event, but an outcome of continuous practice and devotion towards set goals. 

This is an original work of Fiwajomi Cupid Tomiwa 2017. To view or place an order for a portrait follow the artist on Instagram @fiwajomicupid @fiwajomiphotoart

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