Title 1: Old Grows

Year of creation: 2017

Medium: Acrylic on anvas

Size: 32H by 26W by 1 inch

‘Old Grows’ is a visual narrative that shows the strength to carry on in all circumstances human is faced with. The beauty in the hazy atmosphere in the painting defines the definitive reality of circumstances as confronted by human. A descriptive narrative of an old grown man with a staff heading forward despite its surrounding condition, emphasized by a young distant figure showing the awareness  of the circumstances by shading itself from it.

Title 2: Begging for Love.

Year of creation: 2014

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 30H by 39.5W by 1inch

Sometimes we think of the kind of love we would like to bring back in our dream, the love we won’t like to let slip away; the unfamiliar dream, yet we fail to create the dream in our mind. Even as a child, I remember keeping great dreams in my heart, dreams that reveals the countless nature of love; the love triangle. Sometimes, we dream to get up one day with a shining sun, and we try to shape the dreams hidden inside, till we find ourselves begging for love; something so different. Something that makes us feel pains in our heart that we have lost the things that seem to have formed us, yet we keep on craving for love. Over again, we see our dream coming true, as new characters form in our mind; true or not we can still find this in our dream. The characters in the template can be formed into a love triangle; each triangular forms show a three-way relationship, revealing different approaches to the countless nature of love

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Title 3: In the Midst of Reality.

Year of creation: 2017

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 30H by 26W by 1inch


In the midst reality defines the truism of the present; the situational experiences surrounding our dreams and goals in life. The artistic piece highlights the aspiration of wanting to be the NBT (next big thing), while the current situation hasn’t shown us the defined paths yet. The artistic piece gives us the visual narrative of a boy looking upward to one of his inspired artist work “rothko”, yet confined by the current situation of hawking. A thoughtful experience examined by an artistic piece! The artistic piece embraces an inclusive visual narration of thinking big, while having the right aspiration and skills that can help elevate or drive our dreams and goals.


Paintings by Akanji Bolaji 2017.

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