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We all know that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. This is a short story of what happened to me some days back. It is real and just to encourage someone out there who is down or about to give up on his current situation👌👌.
I am a young corp member🚹in Ogun State with no business or source of finance, all I rely on is the N19 800 allowance corp members are entitled to. On that fateful day I had just N200 with me in the whole world; we all know how Nigeria’s economy is at the moment and N200 cannot do much😥😥😥. I was preparing to go for Community Development Service (CDS) so I sat in my room calculating how I was expecting to get to my destination with N200. From my house to the junction will cost N150, the junction to the next stop is N100 then another N200 from there to the place I was having my CDS. That’s a total of N450; to and fro will cost N900. I kept wondering how I intended to achieve the day’s movement and activities with just N200 but Faith kept me going🚶🚶.

I stepped out of the house in my beautiful khaki uniform and a pretty smile like I was okay but within me I was prepared to trek. About 5 minutes after I stepped out of the house I saw a car coming towards my direction I was hoping to get a ride at least to the main junction. It pierced my heart when the car zoomed past me then it stopped in front🚗. In my mind I said “Shey you didn’t want to carry me, why won’t your car stop?” 💭💭💭that was an evil taught right? I quickly told my friend that I was sorry for thinking that way and we kept on walking. All of a sudden the driver got down and said I should hurry up. I was so shocked because people in my are hardly ever give free rides.
I hopped quickly into the car and met this cute family of four little girls👭👭 who were obviously heading to school and their mum sat beside in front beside her husband. She begged me to manage the space at the back with her kids and I was wondering why she was apologizing to me because they are the ones doing me a favour. They asked where I was heading to and I told them. “That place is quite far o!”, the couple exclaimed. They pleaded to drop me at the mega station ⛽⛽because our routes were different.
Remember, I had just N200 with me. I spent N150 to get to the junction that leads to the school so I have N50 left. Luckily for me my CDS Family head and others were waiting for me at the junction because I have never been to the place before. We were about to board bikes 🚵🚵and our family head paid our transport fare. I’m sure you can imagine the way I felt within. I just knew God was up to something when I was down with nothing🙇🙇🙇.
After our visit to the school, I remembered that I had just N50, “what will I do?” I asked myself. God was silent 🙍so I just knew it was settled. We all stood at the side of the road trying to get a cab that was how a jeep driven by an elderly man parked and offered us a ride🚘. Thank you God. This man dropped us at the main junction🚏 and it was time to think of how I would get home. As I was about to get into a cab 🚕to take us home my family head called me and paid my transport fare. I didn’t know how to thank God for his awesome and right on time miracles.
My story simply shows the power of faith without doubt👌👌. There are so may time faith has worked for me even in very funny ways such as using faith to make a kettle, laptop work again, during exams or test and more.

I decided to share my story because I believe it is capable of uplifting someone out there. It might not make much sense to you but will to someone out there thinking of his life as an error, a horror movie, about to commit suicide or about to give up. Your dilemma isn’t permanent except you want it to be🙍. Exercise some more faith along with your works today. Remember that faith without works is dead; imagine I sat in front of my house saying I had faith, waiting for someone to come there and pick me it would never have happened. Faith isn’t stupidity; faith is faith, just exercise it and watch things work out for you👌. Thanks for reading, I hope you were blessed? Have a productive and faith-filled life😇.
Written by: Sharon Dikedi.

Photo source: Google Chrome.

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