A NIGHT (A SILENT PARTNER). By: Moyo Adebowale.


The sun sets,

Already in the four corners of safety,

Safe from the snares of the dark,

Happy to be caged,

In the comfort of her fluffy blanket,

Thinking she’s okay,

But deep inside, she knows she’s quite empty.


The night seemed hair-raising and spine-chilling,

Assuming what happens in those little specks of darkness,

From stories that had been told,

From movies that had been watched,

She made the only choice she thought she had,

Using the excuse of having a curfew,

She stayed in the four corners of the light.

Then He showed up,

Waltzed into her life,

Having a different view about the night,

Took her out for a walk in the same spine-chilling night,

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She realized the night was such a beautiful silent partner,

Under the deep blue sky,

Gazing at the shiny stars.

Beauty encompassed in the scary night,

Was all she could think about!

Listening to the ruffling of the leaves,

Oh! The fullness of the moon,

The straying cat,

Everything was alive in its own way,

Living their lives in the dark corners she feared.


The toad croaks,

The leaves ruffle,

Every bit of the night walk she enjoyed,

The peace she accepted,

The scent she sniffed,

The cold sent chills down her spine,

The night, oh the night, can’t wait to have another walk with you.

This piece is written by Moyo Adebowale (2017) while the photo source is Google Chrome.

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