It is pathetic that corruption is a part of daily living in our beloved country (Nigeria). The country is governed by an evil and corrupt dominant class. Poverty and wretchedness has invaded the nooks and crannies of the country. Hardly can some people in parts of the country afford 3 square meals meanwhile our prominent leaders are multiplying their figures. We the majority always say, ”Naija go better” and the minority (leaders) who always have their way keep feeding us with promises they would never fulfill and here we are saying ”Naija go better”, when, how, and please by who? I keep on pondering on this question daily.

Corruption has invaded the country to the extent that human life has become meaningless to our leaders. Imagine these leaders embezzling funds meant for ammunition to fight terrorist. NIGERIA is blessed with mineral resources but termites (leaders) don’t make it useful to us. You wake up in the morning turn on your television to listen to the figures embezzled by our leaders.

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Our (upcoming politicians) aim should be towards changing Nigeria by ignoring the promises made by our past and present leaders because those promises they made were only meant to change our opinion about them and once they get to where they are aiming at, they will forget about all they have told us. No politician should be given a second chance once they rule us badly!

In conclusion, the answer to how, who and when “Naija go better” is left to the upcoming leaders. Aim at changing Nigeria for good; efforts made by past nationalist leaders should not be in vain. Future politicians should always aim towards a good change and always pray to God. God bless NIGERIA.

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This piece is written by ABIOYE ABDULLAH ABIODUN a.k.a PRINCE HUDDIE (2017) of The University Of Osun (UNIOSUN), Ikire Campus.

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  1. Corruption has eloped the whole earth…to me I don’t think the power to end corruption lies in the hands of the youths cos even the youths are corrupt. What I think Nigeria should practice is what Korea is practicing….any politician who is found guilty of corruption should be “executed”. If this is done in our country, then believe me, people would think twice before going into politics. Secondly, I think we should reduce the salaries of our politicians, remove all those “so called” allowance. If all these steps are taken, then people who have good intentions for this great country would be the ones governing us. Thank you.

  2. That’s just the point, no politician should be given a second chance onece they rule us badly! And if nigeria wil be better, its in the hands of the youth as you have said. Nice one bro. God bless nigeria

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