A LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER. By: Lawore Temiloluwa.

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Dear Ray,
I desire that you fall in love just like I did
I believe no one should ever be cheated
Or robbed of this unexplainable feeling…

Love has no definition, no explanation
You may dream and imagine all of what it should be,
Yet, it hits you with a great shock
When love finally comes your way…

I really hope that you are one day loved
Loved by the one whom you love,
I pray that you feel for and you are felt for,

That you are perfect in the eyes of another
For it is a beautiful thing to love,
Yet, it is a more wondrous thing to be loved…

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But may I tell you of my fears?

May love not come to you with impossibilities,
May it not shatter your heart into dust,

May you not feel any pain when you fall,
May you not cry from dashed hopes
And dreams that faded from reality…
For love came to me with all these…

Written by: Lawore Temiloluwa (2018).

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