A JAMAICAN MODEL. By: Fiwajomi Photoart.


One thing I have learnt  to do as an artist is to try new things. I have never allowed fear to limit me. For the past one year, I have practiced black and white drawing but I was stunned when half way through my drawing, my client asked if I could make a colored portrait for his girlfriend. I made him understand that I specialize in black and white drawings as portrayed on my social media pages besides I was halfway through with his work so he rested his case.
Knowing the kind of person I am, I love to explore and sojourn the world of creativity so I picked up my pastel pencil which I bought over six months ago and put it to use, creating a colour of my subject’s clothe. The rest is history; I wowed my client as he was surprised to see a mixed medium art of his girlfriend. To draw this pretty model I used a charcoal pencil, vine charcoal, graphite pencil, and coloured pastel pencil on an 18 by 14 inch paper. Oh I forgot to tell you, she is Jamaican and this is my 3rd portrait art to be exported. What more can I say but to say I feel blessed. Never limit yourself, come out of your comfort zone and explore other things you never knew you could do.

Artist: Fiwajomi Photoart.

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