A GOOD WAY TO BEGIN. By: Oluwalana Oluwasegun.


How do I start? As a young man who has a passion for imparting lives and changing people’s perspectives to how they see things. I choose what I put in my head as information and as adults its has our choice what we accept mentally.

A rich woman’s apartment was recently burglarized and the thieves took her television set along with a lot of her property which included her cars but they left all the books. To them those books had no meaning and wouldn’t be of any use to them; when the woman saw that her books were intact she began to praise God. I’m sure you’ll ask why? You expect her to be sad and rain curses on the thieves. 

No she didn’t do any of that because the wisdom to make wealth lies in the information she  gathers from those books. Today we find out that 90% of youths spend their money and resources on expensive phones and designer wears that are not as valuable as the  information acquired over time.

Technology has  you even made it easier for us; we now have ebook and PDF reader which helps us to download and have access to a lot of books on the internet.

Apart from ebooks, there are also podcasts which are audio recordings of various fields and aspect of life as well as summits and seminars.

Equiping oneself with information makes your future to secure and helps improve our thinking system.



The only way out of ignorance is to read wide, listen to messages and life experiences of influential people.

The  potentials are in you. Embrace new ideals for great ideas.

Note that you can start 2018 by changing the way you embrace new ideals to get great ideas.

Written by: Oluwalana Oluwasegun (2017).

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