A FAIRYTALE. By: Oche_Writes.

Scene 1

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He sat on the edge of his boat, like he always did each Friday evening to watch Bella while she fetched her bucket full of water. Her beauty is effortless, Joe thought to himself. He was mesmerized by her unbearable blinding radiance as his eyes couldn’t resist the melanin magnetism she so gracefully owned.

Scene 2

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Whilst she walked away, her finely carved feet kissed the surface of the sand and the magnificence in her steps only cajoled Joe to make his move. Quickly, he chased behind Bella and beckoned on her to wait. Little did she know that this was only the first page of her own fairytale.

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Scene 3

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With Love burning in his eyes and affection resonating in his voice, he asked Bella; “would you hold my hand and walk beside me from now until death brings us closer to forever”

Final Scene. 

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Love is more than just a four letter word. It is the beautiful feeling that ignites the perfection of peace coupled with satisfaction which burns in our soul.

Written by: @Oche_Writes

Photo credit: @raykolorz_studio

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