A DAY OF MY LIFE IN 2030. By: Mojola.

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         My alarm wakes me up on a very beautiful Saturday morning at 6:00am as usual with Katy Perry’s popular song titled, ‘Wide Awake. Unlike every other day, I wake up with an infusion of extremity in joy and enthusiasm not just because the weather is lovely but this day is an indication that my career is on its way to somewhere beyond the peak. I am opening my radio and television station, I will be having two photo shoot sessions with my two best friends (one is launching her clothing line (Dassah Couture) and the other is also launching her makeup products (Hussy)💃💃💃.
I kiss my husband whispering good morning into his ears and he replies as usual saying, I never get tired of that, good morning dear’😍😍. We both get out of bed and head to the kids room to get them set for morning prayers. Yes I have three cute kids, two boys and a girl who all look very much like me. After the morning prayers, we all go in to get ready for my big day.
On getting to the room, my mum’s phone call comes in and she even sounds happier than I am. Every mother will be so excited to be alive and watch her child as she succeeds; she prays for me as she always does every time we speak. Afterwards she tells me that my dad wants to talk to me. I hear dad’s peaceful voice over the phone as he calls me Oluwadamilare (the name he loves to call me), he tells me that he is so proud of me and he’s highly honored to be my dad; he prays for me and says, “As my first child, you have never for once disappointed me. I love you so much and I will see you later in the day at the event”.
I waltz into my bathroom humming soft work by Falz as my husband romantically pulls me close to him while he sings Darey Art Alade and Asa’s ‘Inside of You’. I laugh so hard because I know what he means whenever he sings that song; especially the part that says, “A trip to Jerusalem…” I really do not need to tell you because the rest is history and what’s the point of a kiss and tell? Just saying!
We have a nice breakfast of toasted bread with skimmed milk or orange juice after our bath then we go in to get dressed for the opening of the station which is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am. We arrive at the venue at exactly 9:30am; my best friends, my parents and siblings are already seated and waiting for the programme to begin. At 10am, the programme begins with a word of prayer from my father followed by other activities on the programme bulletin while my camera team covers the event (MJ’s Lens).
It is now time for me to give my speech and share my life experiences on how I started out as a rich man’s daughter before things got really bad, how I was embarrassed by many and even thought I would not have the opportunity of being a University graduate because my father was financially handicapped and how my dad’s words would always ring in my head, “tough times don’t last, only tough people do”. I bring my speech to an end by urging people to imbibe my dad’s words as their watchword. The event comes to an end a few minutes later and everyone is given a tour around the station along with some refreshment.
While the event is still going on I find my way out of the station at 1pm in order to pick up my photographic soul for the photo shoot session with my best friends in their respective showrooms. On getting to Dassah Couture to begin the shoot, Hadassah surprises me with a gift of two pretty dresses from her collection. They are so lovely, elegant and classy. I am so delighted and speechless at this point although I always know her to be full of surprises but I wasn’t expecting her to pull any stunt right there.
Immediately after the shoot with Hadassa’s models at 4.15pm I quickly head straight to Hussy’s studio to begin the photo session with her models. Everything is set and the models look beautiful with their faces well pampered with makeup. They are very easy to work with as they know when to pout, blush, laugh, and give the bitchy look. The shoot ends at exactly 6pm and to my greatest surprise gives me a box containing each of her makeup products. Excitement envelopes me, I hug her tightly and whisper to her, “Babe, this means a lot so does our friendship. You know I am not a lover of makeup, I don’t even know how to apply all of it but since you are my friend I have zero worries and always remember that I love you more than chocolates”. We begin to laugh as we set ourselves lose from the warm hug.
I rushed down to MJ’s Lens (my photo studio) to edit the pictures so that my friends can have their pictures before the day comes to an end. On getting there, my workers are already done with editing and compiling pictures from the opening of my station; the pictures are so beautiful. Everyone is laughing as one of them says, “we did learn from the best”. Smiling and thinking out loud, “I also learnt from the best, Kayode Adegbesan (MAK Studios), one of the top ten photographers in Nigeria.
With team work we are able to edit compile and send the pictures to my friends in less than an hour. It is 7:45pm and it’s high time we closed the studio for the week; I step into my car and begin my journey home. While driving the only thought going on in my head is that my friends are the only ones who deemed it fit to give me gifts. I turn on the stereo to listen to music so that I don’t keep thinking of wrong thing and end my day with a bad mood.
I walk into the sitting room at 8.30pm to find my husband and kids already sitting at the dinning waiting for me to join them so that we can have dinner together since that is the usual family custom. My husband had prepared fried rice with chicken and salad with and an old French white wine; he is such a sweetheart and father indeed. After dinner the kids sit in front of the television to watch their favorite cartoon till they fall asleep. My husband and I carry each of them to their room and tuck them into their beds. Before I turn off the light my three kids stands up from the bed one after the other and my little girl say, “Mummy, daddy has a surprise for you”. This feels really creepy and as I turn towards my husband, he gives me the keys to a car. “It is the keys to the latest Mercedes-Benz model, I screamed that loud. My children and I share a long family hug as I kiss each of them on their foreheads then I turn around to hug my husband. I don’t ever want to let him go; tears roll down my cheeks and he wipes them with his palms as he tells me that the car would be brought to the house the next day. He kisses me for what seems like forever.
Thinking I had seen it all in a day, he gives me a camera bag containing the latest Nikon camera, which contains features like automatic editing and settings that fits any environment; it is a gift from my parents. The last straw that broke the camel’s back is when he gives me a wrapped book; I begin to unwrap the numerous shining wrapping sheets only to realize it is a collection of some of my poems in a book titled, deathly hollows. A note falls from it and it reads, “From your siblings, please do publish them because they can help save lives. Over the years I truly did not have the courage to publish it because it contains the pains I have felt in time past but after reading what my siblings wrote to me I have decided to take the bold step.
Night is here and the day is finally over after tucking my kids in bed my husband lifts me up like a bride as he carries me into our bedroom; he whispers several things into my ears as I giggle in his arms. We take a quick shower before getting into the bed; we kiss, cuddle and laugh about everything that happened during the day. It is 11:00pm and we should grab some sleep but before I shut my eyes I recall my dad’s words, tough times do not last only tough people do and zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Written by: Mojola (2018).

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  1. Lool. Funny how one can play with words making me doubt my english😐, nicely done 👏👏👏 “A trip to Jerusalem”……brilliant.

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