A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME. By: StacySpeaks.

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A day in the life of me;
I say to myself, “you have to make it in life, wake up, wear your make up and break free”
Forgetting to ask how many times I’ve woken up to break free but I’m still captured.

A day in the life of me;
I thought their life was filled with so much troubles.
I wept, sought after people who would make my life better, they had to let go of me because I was drawing them to their past. Don’t even feel bad for me.

I was told that Rome wasn’t built in a day yet I roam about daily trying to save myself from crumbling.
Yes I eat crumbs and I am not satisfied; feed me with experience, expertise, food but most of all knowledge.

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People always say “fake it till you make it”, I’m going to be as real as I can and I’ll make sure I fix my life a day in the life of me.

Written by: StacySpeaks 2018.

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