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In recent times Nigerian nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola’s memes have been trending on social media by many users who want to prove a point with his hilarious facial expressions. In fact it has gone to the extreme as many have applied photoshop to make his meme suit what they intend to convey. This post shows 12 of his memes we can all relate with.

Every Nigerian mum has the secret talent of pricing goods to the extent that you being to pity the seller.

When your village people won’t let you get your B.Sc degree in peace.

To serve Nigeria is not by force but you have to obey the clarion’s call.

When you shocked the policeman who thought he has found money for lunch; yet the police is your friend.

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Nigerian mothers who thinks that beating you is the only way to reset your brain.

When you survive after your village people have put you through hell.

Dealing with a sadist lecturer in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

When the President of Nigeria is too fragile to be treated by Nigerian doctors.

When all your shakara leads you nowhere and you ask yourself, “what are my priorities in life?”.

When you can’t help yourself but behave like a typical Nigerian that you are.

What PHCN does to you when you refuse to pay your bill.

Thanks to Odunlade Adekola for being a comic relief to many Nigerians.

Photo source: Google Chrome Images.

Leave in the comment box the number which represents your favourite Odunlade Adekola’s meme and tell us what the expression means to you.


12 thoughts on “12 ODUNLADE ADEKOLA’S MEMES WE CAN ALL RELATE WITH. By: StacySpeaks.

  1. Lol ….. Number 4 is my favourite.. When the police officer will be shocked that u r such an upstanding citizen

  2. Number 2 when she tells you she is a V but you got slide into her Dm and found out the hole is as deep as a well goes

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Read Also:  FORGIVENESS. By: Oba.
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