12 MINUTES, 12 LINES. By: Ihcego.


Had you on my mind for three plays of a song,
I took note because it was the same one all along.
It brought to my thoughts all of your awe,
then over again was I falling in love.
Enacted sceneries unravelled,
It was beautiful just like in the movies.
It was like when the music is speaking,
coaxing a grown up heart into overbeating.
I threw myself in this trap for this song was on repeat
I couldn’t get over the words and the soothing beat.
I lost a grip of myself, couldn’t find my handle,

To myself I said, “some fire did it rekindle”.


This piece is written by Ihecego, a song writer and singer with a difference. Follow her on IG @ihcego and you can also listen to a few of her songs on soundcloud.com/iteogu-ogechi/. Photo source: Google chrome.

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